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After I linked to my post, a couple of people went out of their way to leave Anonymous “hate” comments that was neither necessary nor relevant. I have no issue with Yoko Leeroy’s pricing at all — in fact, I talked to her today, and now I have a clearer understanding of why her Pick was worded that way. It was rude, but she said that some fellow creators sent her IMs saying she was ruining their only source of income — which sounded familiar to me. When Eloh Eliot first released her skins PSD, some people also had the same outrage. And look where we are now? The skins economy is not ruin, and in fact, we have even more brands to choose from than before.

I am happy when I can talk things out with people who may offend me at first glance. I can’t say the same for some of you guys in SL though, who went out of your way to IM Yoko after my link and said, “I can’t believe what Gogo did to you!

To people who went out of your way to IM Yoko, LOL @ YOU. It got you into her shop didn’t it?  Shame on you, for trying to fuel the fire 🙂

Yoko thanked me for her extra sales today 🙂

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  1. Ara

    I read the article on Ruthed and even skimmed some of the comments. LOL @ the entire thing.

  2. Jess

    SL wouldn’t be SL without all the drama-hungry people around. The whole thing is a little ridiculous. Oh well, to each their own.

  3. Ariadne Korda

    What would SL be without the drama, eh?

    I decided to offer all my stuff at a token 1L recently (OK, 50L for the big builds), simply because I wanted to. I enjoy building houses and decor and after nearly four years I realised that was the way I personally wanted to go.

    Fortunately, I’ve had more people saying ‘this is amazing’ and rushing off to tell friends it’s NOT clunky newbie stuff than I’ve had sneering or grumbling. But naturally I’ve had that too.

    But I don’t think I’d use my picks to sneer back at the sneerers. My choice, and I’m having a blast.

  4. Vianne Bellic

    I’ve spoken with Yoko several times, in fact we’re on each others friends list. I love some of her stuff, and when I suggested several things (eg lip gloss) she made it straight away!

    She’s a good person and an innovative business woman.
    Theres a line, somewhere, between her 2-10L items and people who produce basically the same things for 300-400L.
    Makeup tattoo layers are a relatively new thing on the SL market, so its people like Yoko who will eventually set the ‘median’ price of these items (aka I think in a year or so most make up’s will be around the 50-100L mark for packs)
    I don’t understand why people hated on her for her marking her prices low, we don’t hate on $2 cheap import shops, do we?
    Oh except her stuff isn’t the quality of a $2 cheap import, its often of similar quality to the expensive ‘high end’ brands.

    I DO, however, understand how her profile pic could offend/put people off.
    I guess its all about knowing a persons motives, eh.

  5. Marianne Little

    It is SL drama, baby!

    I must say that I thought the exchange of comments in the Ruthed post between you and Yoko was polite and she did not go all crazy on you. I got a lot of respect for Yoko from her replies, she could have banned you from her sim (cough… like Exodi ‘s owner did…).

    I admire people who can maintain a cold head even when it storms around them. And everything ends well, Yoko got sales and came out of it as a nice person.

  6. Schwan

    Gogo, I really appreciate your tastes and critiques. I think your opinions are valuable and keen, especially for new creators in the, for example, skin area.

    But, honey, you really need to step off your high horse. I don’t want to deliberately be rude, but you wouldn’t get flamed half as badly if you didn’t tend to come off as conceited in these situations.
    I don’t know you personally, but from following your blog for quite some time, you tend to project a very diva attitude. I really wish this wasn’t the case, because I want to think you’re a sweetheart but, well, yeah. You’re a bit of a diva!

    Again, not trying to flame you, but you getting flamed at so intensely is because, I think, your attitude instills hostility and defensiveness.

  7. Yoko Leeeroy

    As I said, I never once fretted when I found out that Gogo had posted something “negative” about me. I comprehend the blog drama crowd. I knew I’d get lots of people coming in to pat me on the back, lots of people that want it just because Gogo is wearing it and plenty that really don’t give a crap and just want some makeup and happened along Ruthed to read the drama.

    Gogo is a personality. People that like her read her because they like her and her blog. People that don’t like her read her because they want to see what she is going to do to offend them next. Either way she gets a metric buttload of hits. It’s entertainment.

    I check her blog pretty much every day because it is USEFUL to me. I find lots of new hair and pretty skins and clothes I can’t live without.
    Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have stopped even if I had been offended.

    Thanks again for working things out with me Gogo. I am seeing even MORE of a crowd after this post!

  8. Hito

    I found Yoko’s shop awhile ago, before Gogo even wore the lips. And I was/still am- floored at how cool and fashionable the designs are [as well as good quality] and for the price- you can’t beat that! Thanks Yoko- you have a loyal customer in me!

  9. Graelwyn

    I admittedly visited Glamorise soon after looking at the Ruthed post you linked to, as I love makeup.I did stand there for some minutes, overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, lol, and also Yoko was in there when I arrived and I tend to get nervous when store owners are around as I am pretty crap at the social side of sl.

    That said, I bought 3 packs and am pleased. I wanted a decent teeth makeup and she had it. In the end, it is up to each store owner how they price their product. You see this competitive pricing all the time in rl, it is happening loads now, due to the festive season… it is nothing new. Eventually it settles down.

    Also, not everyone has rl money to spend on sl and it is great that they get the chance to get some quality stuffs too.

  10. Lo

    YAY! I love JUICYBOMB and I LOVE Glamorize – I pretty much JUST found that place a day or so before this whole thing started,, and basically bought it all,, truthfully the makeups just fit so well on most of my skins and that’s A LOT of skins <3, I think its funny all the people who tried to make themselves part of the drama LOL, Get Ur own how about? , Or maybeh we can just shop and be happeh? 😀 I personally don't read or care about picks,, and even takes me getting yelled at to realize I'm even in a friends profile! O well, things happen. Glad its all settled cus Ima fan of u BOTH <3

  11. Chamomile Theas

    I always thinks it’s wise to try the talking first. Trying to understand what lies behind the thing that’s apparently offensive and save the shooting from the hip as a very last resort. But then *sigh* that would all be a bit to dull for the SL drama junkies, I guess

  12. Anahata

    yoko you have a set of lips for men, i really like the muted colors in that pack as the normal pinky orangey ones look atrocious on my skintone, you should take those colors and add a slight gloss to them, they are so great!!!

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