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How big is too big?

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I’ve been trying to get my inventory down from 130,000 items but after cleaning it for several hours, I’m still at 129,000! According to this Second Life Wiki page, having an inventory larger than 10,000 items may slow performance so… uhh.. I think we’re all in trouble. For the “fashion” crowd, I don’t think 10,000 items is a realistic number! I wish SL would let me sort my inventory by YEAR so I can purge everything from 2009 and beyond.

Please take my poll, cos I wanna know how my inventory size compares to other SL residents.

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  1. Sydd Sinister

    80,000+ closing in on 100,000 and being able to sort by year would be a godsend

  2. CallejaFairey

    I try and keep my main/oldest av under 30k, and luckily, SL likes to eat my stuff all the time, so it helps 😛 it’s pretty hard though, specially when so many stores are handing out such fabulous gifts, or sell fatpacks with a min 100 items for great deals…it all adds up pretty quickly that’s for sure. I try and sort every few months, and do major purges, but i am also lazy….lol, so it doesn’t happen as much as it should.

  3. Shinesse Madison

    It’s rough keeping your inventory in order. Even tho I’m in the 20,000 and under crowd it still seems like too much. I use to build and had a shopping addiction when I was heavy into SL. When I came back recently I took a week just purging my whole inventory. It was rough getting rid of 5+ years of stuff but honestly I never wear it. I boxed it instead of deleting it just for sentimental value plus a lot of the stuff I have you can’t get on the grid anymore. The only thing I didn’t get rid of are my old builds and things that I had as works in progress. I’ll never finish or sell them again but its something I accomplished so I kept it.

    I thought you could fliter stuff in your inventory by how old it was. I guess I was wrong. They should really add that as an option.

  4. kesseret

    I would like the sort by inventory year. Want me to make a jira on it? (for it to be completely ignored, but we can try!)

  5. Aigloune Hastings

    I’m in SL since 2007 and I’m still under 10,000 items in my inventory (I’ve no furniture or many objects at all so it can explain).
    I clean it almost every week, and there are folders, under folders, under folders lol
    But it begins to increase a lot since a few months, I’m near 10,000 now 😛
    But I know people over 100 000 items, not rare
    To purge, I remove all useless notecards and double landmarks, textures in pack etc etc

  6. Camyrn Fouroux

    I thought you could sort the inventory by date…(at least in Emergence you can). I’ve done that before to get rid of old NCs. My tricks for deleting inventory is to search for anything marked “bling (ew), delete, hold (for those scripts included in packages, brows (for those extras that come with every hair pack). I wish there was a way to sort by duplicates to get rid of everything that I have more then one of.

  7. Sway

    i try to clean my inventory lots of times… so i make a new folder, name it and put things i need inside … on the next day the folder is named ‘new folder’ again and its empty…

    after doing this some times with the same results i was tired to clean…

    so i have 60k now and maybe when i am verry bored i start cleaning again…

  8. Wilma Delgado

    I was at 107k last night..after a bit of deleting…I’m at 97k. I have so much stuff..I need to delete a bunch of stuff…but, my dear friend Grazia aka PACKRAT keeps telling me not to delete:)

  9. Annette Voight

    There wasn’t really an option for me lol. More than 10,000 but still under 20k. This only reminds me to go box a bunch of the things I bought and haven’t even looked at in a year D:

  10. TheShadow99

    I’ve had as many as 60,000+ items, but several times SL has randomly eaten large chunks of my inv… Currently SL think sI have 43,451 items…

    My biggest problem by far are notecards… I have easily 5000 or 6000 notecards, most being notices from stores… those I’d love if they auto-deleted…. maybe 1% of notecards I get I need/want to keep, but pulling 1% from the other 99% is a pain in the ass…

    To help with inv sorting what I’d really love is cut and paste for folders! Because when drag and dropping folders love to just open and close nigh randomly I have tons of items that I try to place into order so I can find again, but SL decides to drop in completely wrong places I have to hunt for. simple cut and paste is the same exact action, but using right mouse clicks and 100% accuracy. Yet for some reason we can’t have cut & paste on folders…

  11. Ai Velde

    I try and clean my stuff out every few months. I’m almost at 24,000 right now.

    What I wish most was if I could hire someone with insanely bad OCD and pay them by the hour to organize my inventory. lol

  12. Elle Couerblanc

    I get freaked out if I go above 25K LOL

  13. Lee

    I’m in the 80, 000+ category. I’ll take slow performance over cleaning inventory ANYDAY.

  14. Isabelli Anatine

    I try to let mine under 10k, but at this moment it is under 12k.

    I erase ALL landmarks, vendor pics, notecards…. everything like that.

    Nothing that I didn’t wear in the last 6 months stays on my inventory… if is transferable I donate to some newbie, if is not I have two choices… delete or pack it again.

    Bridal and formal gowns , fantasy costumes, season goodies like halloween, eater or xmass stuff, furniture, landscaping things, textures.. all this thins are packed on my inventory.

    I have several hair packs, but I let it out just my favorite hair, for pics I unpack it times to times and delete right after the photoshoot.

    I keep the copy/no trans boxes of almost everything… like skyboxes, houses, vehicles, weapons… and jsut unpack when I need to use it.

    but if in a wild week (or month) I decide to unpack everything I certainly should have more then 80k of stuff.

  15. Anya Navarita

    I spent several days getting my inventory down from 47,000+ to just over 30,000. I know I could purge more but I’d rather not spend the time. SL for Nowt had a great little tutorial that really helped, but for the most part I started with notecards – deleted almost all of them except the love notes from my partner.

    I also deleted all of the landmarks. Every item I purchase seems to include a landmark. If I like the store, I moved it to a separate folder, but otherwise I deleted all of them.

    Plus all those “please read” and “read me” notecards that come with everything… you know the ones no one ever reads? I also deleted any folder that was related to a freebie place. Those are from my noob days and I won’t miss them. Still, what a pain!

  16. Mouse

    I used to have a rule that I could not go over 10K. Then I was suddenly at 12K, so I made a rule that I could not go over 12K. Then I realized I was at 15K, so I made a new rule….you see where this is going. I’m currently at 16+ and the new rule is that I cannot go above 17K…… 😉

  17. Charlotte Christensen

    I’m approaching my 5th Rez Day–this month, in fact!–and I have over 140K in my inventory. I try to routinely purge.. but it is so challenging!

    Even some of the items I own pre-flexies and pre-sculpties, some of the oldest outfits I own–I still wear on occasion. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but some of it is hand drawn really well. 🙂 But… sorting by year? That would be SO exceptionally helpful.

  18. Sedge Weyland

    I’m at over 40K, with really old stuff boxed up. Otherwise I’d be in the same boat.

  19. Shyann

    I have almost 30k and I’ve only been in SL for a year. Scary thought of it doubling and I do try my best to get rid of what I don’t use but, you never know if you’ll need it…so, I don’t delete as often. Just put it in folders that say “old” lol

  20. Rachel Schmidt

    I keep trying to get mine under 50K, but every week some creator comes out with something AMAZING that i HAVE to have lol…darn you guys! Right now i’m hovering at 56K and i have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned my inventory a bazillion times…one day i just left clicked, shifted and highlight loads of folders and closed my eyes while i deleted..and that barely made a’s a never ending battle, but i love the idea of deleting by year (i’ve been on sl a lil over 4 years so i have some junk lol)…does anyone know if you can do this on v2?

  21. chamomile theas

    Your poll has no option for an inventory like mine between 10 and 20k. BUT I have all my tansfer stuff with an alt 🙂

    • Gogo

      LOL ~ I’m such a failed poll maker! I’ll make a better poll next time!

  22. Shiori Carter

    Do we include our alts to, and waht about the 1000’s of unopend boxes that would turn into like 40K if i opened them all 🙂

  23. JeanGenie


  24. Lo

    Ahhh yours is HUGE,, lol. I have about 42k atm. BUT its very true that the bigger the inventory, is the slower u are,, I have alts with way smaller inventories and I <3 them becus they don't lag when trying to dress at all,, unlike LoLli who locks up for a minute anytime I put anything on, OR take it off :((( I clean alot and delete is my friend,, If I don't knw what it is ,, I
    didn't need it that badly! The problem is I'm fashion addicted so now even after keeping it clean,, I LOVE everything that's the pickings are slim for deleting 🙁 I've resorted to searching Catch words found on Nc's ill never need again such as – READ,Please,Help,Info,Important and so on,, lol ,, Desperation is ugly!

  25. Dojiba

    I put my LMs on notecards. Instead of having 20 shoe LMs, I have one notecard with 20 LMs on it. I also have notecards for Hair, Clubs, Places to Explore, Houses and Skyboxes, Furniture, Textures, etc.

  26. Elise Petrov

    I’m so glad you posted this ’cause it makes me feel better about my huge inventory. Currently at 125K and holding. I’ve been trying to get it down, but haven’t had a whole lot of luck. I’ll delete a few thousand, then go shopping again, and I’m right back to where I started!

  27. Winter Viper

    After a huge cleaning up, I managed to get my inventory back from 100,000 to 75,000. Unfortunately, many of these 75,000 are still boxed though… I’d vote for the year sorting too!

  28. Ilder Kira

    At the moment about 21000 items, most not even unpaked, but stuff I tought I needed at the time. Going to try and sort out my inventory to start my new year fresh lol.. (but then I would also have to stop coming here reading cause I get this crazy idea I need some outfits and shoes/boots I see in the pix here and….. o.0 well, I spend a lot of lindens after reading here lets just put it like that.)

    I do put all my landmarks in a notecard under headers like hair, skin and shapes, shoes and so on… just keeping my favourites I use daily unpacked so I can jump fast and easy. Got my inventory down by about 1000 just by doing that.

    I delete my notecards about once a week, crayzy how many you get in that short time. But still, it’s a struggle to keep the items down when you’re a shopaholic like me…

  29. Alivea Landar

    This fall I did major cleaning. However since I am a photographer and shop owner I found that saving my textures into a texture organizer was the best. It frees up much of your space and they are all nicely organized for when you need to find them. I am down to 12,025 which I could still probably even minimize more since I don’t wear a majority of it, however last time I did that I found I went back and found I wanted one of those outfit for an event I was going to. LOL but those freebies and great SALES are killers, they make my inventory go up daily!

  30. Mairead Fitzgerald

    I shudder to think of the reaction if I answered at the beginning of this thread. LOL. I have over 500K (at least).

    ON ME I have 107K right now. I am a pack rat.

    The rest is packed in boxes and those boxes are inside 4 BIG boxes. All labeled, well almost all are fairy easy to find something I am looking for.

    With building textures, clothing textures taking a major bite in my inventory – if I had a nickel for every uploaded texture!. Ad pics, previous builds, adding to the bulk. Then all my sim & event design primmage. Personally, I am a major skin and hair-olic. I own thousands of the latter. I used to be a freebie whore but have gotten way way more selective there. Now I haunt the blogs before heading to a hunt or gift item.

  31. Etana Vella

    This is how I got rid of a -LOT- of inventory.
    Use your filters for notecards, landmarks, gestures, calling cards, snapshots, etc.
    Getting rid of every landmark that comes in most folders of clothing, and saving only the ones you really want to keep, gets rid of a TON of inventory. Same for snapshots, calling cards, and notecards. You’ll be amazed at how much this clears. I do this on a regular basis to keep my inventory trimmed. This should help a little at least!

  32. LYNDZY

    I AGREE WITH Etana Vella ,,

  33. Ivy Krautrauch

    Every new folder I make, I mark with the year, and sometimes the month. This is especially helpful if you do hunts like Twisted Hunts or MHOH, as they both have had more than one hunt in 2010.

    I used to do a lot of landscaping and don’t anymore, so that stuff needs to get boxed.

    I’m at 49k, and will probably do some major deleting between Christmas and New Year’s, when I can spend 8-10 hours online (mostly) uninterrupted. Last year I spent that time learning how to use my dance chim. Now I have 3 dance chims. More work, although dancing is really fun 🙂

  34. Ruby

    When I buy something I rename it. eg. Dress January 2011… then what the creator called it. So in my inventory they all come up together. I can see what is new and what is old and delete it.

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