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Last Call: is it too dated?

Last Call

(Wearing LC Casbah)

I don’t consider myself an SL hoarder but there are a couple of things I just can’t delete. One of them being Last Call items, even though one of my close friends told me that she deleted her entire collection already *sobs!*

They’re getting dated, but I’m still fond of them. Do I keep hoarding it or donate it to someone that will love it more?

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Last Call – Achlys
Last Call – Alizee
Last Call – Amelia
Last Call – Anais
Last Call – Anamaria (canary)
Last Call – Anamaria (orchid)
Last Call – Aphrodite
Last Call – Ashlee
Last Call – Boardroom Barracuda
Last Call – Boardroom Barracuda (alpine)
Last Call – Boardroom Barracuda (aubergine)
Last Call – Britney
Last Call – Brooke
Last Call – Casbah
Last Call – Casey
Last Call – Christina
Last Call – Compliquee
Last Call – Contradiction
Last Call – Dahlia
Last Call – Davida
Last Call – Davida
Last Call – Delilah
Last Call – Dressage
Last Call – Editorial
Last Call – Editorial Extension Pack
Last Call – Erin
Last Call – Femme Fatale
Last Call – Francesca
Last Call – Ginny
Last Call – Greta
Last Call – Gwen
Last Call – Hilary
Last Call – Ingrid
Last Call – Jana
Last Call – Jana (midnight)
Last Call – Janet
Last Call – Jeanne (apatite)
Last Call – Jorja
Last Call – Josephine
Last Call – Julie
Last Call – Kadesh
Last Call – Kamryn
Last Call – Kirsten
Last Call – Le Club
Last Call – Lorie
Last Call – Lyra
Last Call – Mackenzie
Last Call – Majorca Tankini (Black)
Last Call – Mandy
Last Call – Marie-Helene
Last Call – Micha
Last Call – Milena (includes BOOTS!)
Last Call – Nadirra (shocking)
Last Call – Naomi
Last Call – Nicole
Last Call – Paparazzi
Last Call – Pristine Suit
Last Call – Rebecca
Last Call – Reina (blush)
Last Call – Ritorno (paraiba)
Last Call – Rivoli
Last Call – Royale
Last Call – Sofia
Last Call – Tatienne
Last Call – Veronica
Last Call – Winona
Last Call – Wood, Metal, & Opal Jewellery Set
Last Call – Carrie
Last Call – Hellenas
Last Call – Hellenas (meditteranean)
Last Call – Sidney
LC Hunt Club – The Baroness (Blood)
Last Call – Catwalk Collection: Marlene
Last Call – Donatella
Last Call – Elena (Midnight) *
Last Call – Gwen *
Last Call – Britney *
Last Call – Catia Party Dress *
Last Call – Diane Dress
Last Call – Right Said
Last Call – Rae *
Last Call – Serene Bodice *
Last Call – Limited Release Gift – Andromeda *
Last Call – Baila Rainbow Bikini *
Last Call – Cannes (Orchid)
Last Call – Corsica Leather Bikini
* items are no trans

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  1. Cristiana S

    I say donate it! (what’s last call? O_O)

    • Gogo

      Last Call is an old but very beloved brand in SL, until the creator passed away in RL. There was a massive closing sale — so a lot of people have transferable items from this brand.

  2. Cherry

    keep your favorites and donate the rest.

  3. sylvan

    If they’re truly looking dated just keep a token item & donate the rest. πŸ™‚

  4. Akelei Schnyder

    Hoard it!
    I still have mines πŸ™‚

  5. Victoria MacFanatic

    Keep it if you love it, old doesnt mean that its not good. I still have the same prim glasses from about my 1st or 2nd month in sl. I wear them usually everday and they are sorta my trademark. So if you love it, keep it, if not pass it along.

  6. Shinesse Madison

    Last Call items are classics. Yes some of the skirts are dated because of prim work but the majority of clothes is still imo better than items that are out now. The detailing on the shirts and dresses can still hold up today. I still have all my Last Call items and wear them to this day. I say if you are just looking to clear up some inventory space save the pieces you adore the very most and give the rest away.

  7. Serra

    Last Call is my “go to” inventory items. I will never delete them. They are classics.. timeless.

  8. Annie Melson

    I still have all of mine too. And I’m a clothing designer so I never run out of clothes! LOL! I don’t know….I just can’t seem to part with them. They were my absolute favorite clothing and they were my style. I’m still a fan. πŸ™‚

  9. Douleur

    I’ve got at least 20+ Last Call outfits on my very first Avatar in SL (rez date 7/6/06) When they closed I was lost..but SL has expanded so much since then!! As for something that I still wear for almost three plus years – a pair of Acid&Mala boots way way back when they were just a little bitty shop. I have them in black and in red. They’ve always been Dou’s trademark. Wear those things with everything!

  10. annieross

    wait she died?! omg i didnt even know that…that’s so sad D:

  11. Graelwyn

    I would donate to someone who perhaps has heard of but never had the opportunity to experience the brand before the creator’s unfortunate passing. I have seen several items referenced before and wished I had had the chance to look in this store as some of the things look very interesting. Maybe keep the items you most appreciate and find new owners for the rest ?

  12. Pixie

    You really should keep them, they’re like little diamonds. Now they’re rare and you need to spend a lot of money to get a piece. I think that Last Call items are not dated at all… I mean, the textures are gorgeous and they are better than some items that are for sale now.

  13. Chic Aeon

    Honestly I think it depends on the piece. I donated mine to RFL long ago as the prim parts were no mod (sculpties being so new then) and so while cute, it never fit me. I only bought the one item (thifty even coming out of the pod it seems). BUT , I have a friend who has that signature outfit that was in all the ads (I did my homework as a budding fashionista) and it still looks great. Not every piece from even the best designers is going to be a keeper forever, but some are going to last a long while.

    So I didn’t vote πŸ˜€ since I am on the fence. It depends what all you have. Honestly I just remember trying to get in for days and not even knowing exactly WHY it was important at the time. Ah to be young :D.

  14. Libby Farleigh

    Gogo, there is a Last Call auction with proceeds going towards the Toys for Tots charity this weekend. It’ll be a rush but if you did want to donate the outfits to a cause that will make a real difference pop Kate Stockholm, who is organizing the event, an IM, am sure she’d be more than happy to include what you have!

  15. Libby Farleigh

    Just checked the information, the show/auction is on Saturday 11th December, starts at 6pm SLT.


    Loads and loads of outfits up for grabs if you want to add to your existing Last Call collection or own a piece or two of SL history.

  16. Catherine Fairport

    Ahhh.. to keep or not to keep.. that is the question.

  17. Asia Romano

    I kept all mine for nostaligas sake maybe, I vote keep it πŸ™‚

  18. Dee


    I don’t wear entire outfits much, but I still wear the odd component as part of a larger outfit. I think a lot of it still holds up, particularly the later collections. I have away a bunch of my less-worn LC about a year ago when I was cutting down my inventory and I still kind of regret it.

  19. Lupe Pelous

    I personally will NEVER give mines away!!!!! love them too much :))

  20. JenniferD

    Gogo, I say keep them as well, you have a sentimental attachment to them. If you are worried about inventory space, just rezz a box and load them in it. And label the box. Problem solved. Im sure you already know this, you could make a folder called storage.

  21. Hito

    I voted keep-

    Last Call was the place that got me into the SL fashion. I even met and spoke with Ginny a few times before her passing and she was always so nice. I remember it had gone through 3 remodels after i found it and the finale sale after Ginny’s passing I scooped up as many items as i could and I still hold on to them- a few parts are dated but the over all looks are timeless. Last Call set the foundation for many of todays designers/teams, they were truly a pioneer in the SL fashion world and there for should never be forgotten- thats why I still and always will hold onto my Last Call items. LC was the first place in SL whos fashions made me look as beautiful as i felt in SL- I miss Last Call. πŸ™

  22. Anaca Howlett

    I would have a hard time parting with them. These are great pieces and I remember the huge sale and I was lucky enough to grab a handful, but I sure do miss it.

  23. Bella

    I can’t seem to part with them either!!! I think its also sentimental because it was one of the first fashionable stores I went to that helped me get out of the noob look! Most of the outfits are still pretty well made and look great even better than some of the stuff I’ve seeen lately.LOL

  24. Chamomile Theas

    I deleted all but one item. And I really wish I hadn’t!

  25. Ayami Imako

    If you love something its timeless. Doesn’t matter how old it is.

  26. Julia Dionne

    Not only can I not part with my Last Call wardrobe, I still have my Dazzle wardrobe. πŸ™‚

    • Douleur

      OMG so do I! *feels so SL old*

  27. Miefmupfel Willis

    I sold a few of my Last Call’s but will never ever give away my Last Call-favs. I love them.

  28. Shiori Carter

    boo πŸ™‚

    I have long list of Last Call to, i can’t delete them either, even though i don’t wear them, I am a hoarder no doubt πŸ™‚

  29. Khitten Kurka


    Seriously, keep them. If they take up to much space then box them up. Like Julia, I too have some Dazzle items and most of my Last Call items. Besides getting rid of some of the shoes, I can’t bear to part with any of it!

  30. JeanGenie

    classics and still unpaired..never donate them!

  31. Pixel Dunst

    Or the radical way, delete them. It’ll take you 2 seconds and after 3 days you have forgotten about them. As if they have never been there.

  32. Suede Sixpence

    I still have a LC Collection items, which I bought before the big final sale and a lot after, my most recent post for the 52 weeks of Colour I used LC Mackenzie top, I agree with the comment about the skirts, but with viewer 2, the top and glitch pants get new life. I also thinking about it and I also wore LC, Yelena on another post a couple of days ago. In fact anyone wanting to sell LC, come knock on my door.

  33. Sedge Weyland

    If you’re just clearing up space, box the folders.

    If you’re wanting to pass them on, do so. I like to mix and match some of my LC stuff in various outfits – like others said, many of the textures DO still hold up.

    I wouldn’t just delete them, though – that auction doesn’t sound like a horrible idea.

  34. Sally

    Haha, I had one item at my old avatar and I “managed” to remove it along with … the WHOLE inventory (don’t ask how, LOL).
    I kind of regret that πŸ˜‰ And like many says, LC were pioneers in SL fashion.

    I think you’d keep them, at least those you like alot and then remove, or whatever pleases you, the other items :}

  35. Tru Baxton

    omg nooooooo!!!!

    Do not delete!!!!!
    If, for some reason, you have a mental snap and decide you don’t want them, donate them. They are worth a lot to certain people, and could go to a great cause.
    On the subject of quality, I still wear my dahlia cami… a lot. I still get comments on how gorgeous it is, and on the quality.

  36. Jeanie Waydelich

    No donate, save with you. But I would like to ask you something (i know this is noe the best place for this, but if not a problem… maybe other persosn have the same problem and u can help ): Some itens form Last Call disappeared, especially sets that contained parts in prim … I was just with textures and from time to time when i check, will occur with other outfits… : / Besides other things of other brands(new brands) disappearing too (example: 1 left prim shoes, but the right shoes stay on inventory), and I have one friend with the same problem … and we dont have a inventory disorganized^^ She call for LL but without answer :/ And we using viewer2… ^^ Ty πŸ™‚

    • Sansarya

      Jeanie, that sounds like a cache issue with the disappearing items. If you clear your SL cache manually (on my computer I have to go to C: drive, Documents and Settings, Users, , Applications, and Local or Roaming folders to get to my SL cache.) I delete the cache folder, then empty the trash and restart the computer. That brings everything back when you log in again.

      @Gogo: agree with the people here who said Last Call is timeless. Donate, sell or give away, but please don’t delete. They’re collector’s items if nothing else. I still have (and wear) the first limited edition Ginny made. It’s called “Sans”. πŸ™‚

  37. Chav

    I never wear my Last Call things (got them in that final sale) but they mostly stand up to what you can get today. Sculpts and prims and so on have advanced, but textures are textures. Most people’s stuff from that time… really doesn’t look that good anymore. It says a lot about Ginny’s talent that all this time later it’s still good stuff.

    What’s surprised me though is that on the occasions I’ve looked at the second-hand market, Last Call stuff hasn’t got much more expensive than it was at the time. I’ve met more than one person who spent astonishing amounts in that sale getting things to resell later. I would have expected that by now this stuff would be incredibly expensive, yet it isn’t. Too many transfer copies out there, maybe?

    I wouldn’t get rid of my Last Call, it’s a little bit of SL history.

  38. Lixena

    Hoard…I consider Last Call to be akin to Vintage SL Designer Clothing. Deleting your collection would be like burning a stack of Chanel suits….THE HORROR!!!

  39. Starr Luna

    Last Call will forever be my most beloved creator in Second Life. From the time they were Dazzled, way back in .. what, ’05 or so, when I came around? They made beautiful, quality clothes for a very decent price. Last Call was just amazing, and some of their things, particularly their couture items are still quite valid. But I’m prejudiced. *smiles* When I was feeling particularly sick, and had little in the bank, I’d amble into the store, and they’d have another beautiful freebie or three to give away. A beautiful brand, and a beautiful creator. I love and miss them both.

  40. Sparkles Galaxy

    I just recently found a little store in Toastyville that sells Last Call outfits. She has great prices too. I spoke with the owner and she is going out of business. All of her Last Call items are priced to sell! No more 1k outfits! I had to grab a few, and there are still many left! If you have never seen Last Call, it is worth it to even stop over and look at it. The quality is outstanding!

  41. Kristinze

    Thanks Sparkles! I just went to that store and was so happy to see good prices on authentic Last Call stuff! I wish I had more $ I would buy it all! The store is still there, so if anyone is looking for an outfit I suggest go now! She has some rare items that most people charge thousands for! Uber Score on Last Call! Oh and Toastyville is really cute too! Props to the free store next to the Last Call store! Did you get to check that out?

  42. Abby

    You can donate them to meeeeeeeeeeeeee! lol

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