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Mozz – Aegyo Skin

Mozz - Aegyo

Mozz - Aegyo

The new Aegyo skin from Mozz is so pretty! This skin is youthful, and offers plenty of options for a mere $850L per fatpack. I am surprised to see that all of the base skins have no eyebrows, but you can wear the brows as an add-on tattoo layer (3 choices are included).

There are 9 makeups and 9 lip colors in every pack, plus a teeth tattoo layer.

Mozz - Aegyo

These are a few of my favorite lipstick colors!

Mozz - Aegyo

I think the Mozz teeth tattoo is pretty nice, and will work on other SL skins too.

When SL teeth first arrived, they looked like beaver teeth, so a lot of people shied away from them, but these latest release from some of my favorite SL skin makers are definitely more sexy. Although they definitely look great from the front, I still think that texture teeth is ‘horsey’ from the side, unfortunately. 🙁

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  1. KittyCat

    Gogo, the hair? 😛

    • Gogo

      Truth hair 🙂

      • Sally

        I seeeeee! I didn’t read your previous posts, my bad! 🙂
        I am not sure why, but your skin here looks way more glowing than mine – has it to do with the env. settings? or graphics?
        It’s only the glowing that’s the difference 😛

        • Libby Farleigh

          Yes Sally, Gogo uses environment settings to ensure the skins look their best, which is lovely, but you will need to replicate similar environment settings to achieve the same look. If you use Phoenix I find CalWL gives a lovely, bright look to skins, it’s the setting I use in my photography.

          • Sally

            Yeah, usually I get a nice look on the skins, not just this one 🙁
            But oh, well, just to try to find that glow 🙂

  2. Delila

    I love that Mozz has a kind of ‘build your own skin’ set up going, where you can get the base, eyes, lips, etc.

  3. Eurydice Barzane

    I’m glad it’s not just me!
    I wasn’t wearing tooth layers because I get a buck toothed, horsey look from the side. My top lip is slightly larger than my bottom lip, so while teeth tattoos look great from the front, from the side I look like I have a REALLY hideous overbite.

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