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Redgrave lashes

Redgrave lashes

Redgrave has a fantastic selection of prim lashes! I have some older ones from last year and they were no copy, mod, transfer. A couple of days ago I visited Redgrave to check out male skins, and I noticed that all the lashes and eyes are now copy, mod, no transfer.

I wear Trin’s Alpha Layer all the time now, to remove system lashes permanently. With system lashes gone, you can adjust lashes to fit almost perfectly.



These are a few of the lashes that I picked out — there’s a huge selection of subtle and more dramatic ones, too. Lashes are amazing… never leave home without it! I know some people prefer tattoo lashes cos it requires no fitting but if you can spend a little time fitting prim lashes, it’s worth the effort.

Mozz Aegyo Teeth tattoo

I’m wearing the Mozz Aegyo Teeth tattoo (included in skin pack) over my skin and it blends beautifully. This tattoo layer has clean alpha around the teeth and will work over any skin in SL without covering up the entire lips. I’m a big fan of these because I can keep the original lips on the skin and also not worry about whether or not the new lips fit over my skin.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Jess (Swedish)
LeLutka – Natasha (Hush) Makeup4
Mozz – Aegyo (Teeth) Light skintones

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  1. Victoria Sabra

    I feel naked without prim lashes, gonna have to check these out! That “Jess” hair from Truth is SO underrated, too – glad to see it cropping up on a blog. šŸ™‚

    • Gogo

      It’s one of my favorite hairstyles (and it’s freeee) cos its short and the hair shape frames the face so it’s perfect for skins or other face-type shots.

  2. Vianne Bellic

    I’m still waiting for someone to make good, not-too-drag-queen like sculpted/prim (non alpha texture) lashes!

    I have the prim ones from Miamai, they’re great but they’re very … ‘extreme’ very ‘drag queen’ like -which is -GREAT- for formal/costume/dresssing up, but not so good for day-to-day wear.

    I’m always uncomfortable with alpha tex lashes, because I almost always have hair over one eye, and loathe alpha glitches!

    • brez

      try OH’s aprodite lashes, very natural and beautiful, my fav for a less dramatic look

      • Kretch Slade

        Try KOSH lashes. She has everthing from mild to wild. I rarely take those off, just change them for different looks.

  3. Kimberly Mary

    I loove the look of these lalshes but I do encounter one issue, I have difficulty trying to shape them to my inner eye. Probably missing out on a step. It is my first time having to fit them.

  4. Amy Feist

    Firstly, Gogo, I obviously love your blog. But, I’m going to say, that although your avatar is beautiful, I am weary of your selection in teeth. These teeth look like blurry cubes, nothing even similar to teeth. I would just ask, “WTH IS ON YOUR MOUTH?” if I saw that.

    I’ve also seen your other ones that look like bunny-teeth, very blurry, huge, yuck.
    Please rethink it – your avatar looks better without blurry chunks where your lips should be.

  5. TheShadow99

    I wish I could look at the lashes… but I’ve tried dozens of times to get to the sim, and I simply can not get there. Different days, times, and even outfits haven’t helped this. It’s funny because I’ve been there before…

  6. JeanGenie

    still don’t like prim lashes sorry….they take ages to rez and in the meanwhile you have weird bat-likes things on your eyes lol

  7. Natali

    Lovely look.
    I find people`s reactions to lashes are a bit like people`s reactions to Viewer 2. You either love it and use to best advantage, hate it and refuse to give it a chance vowing never to go to the otherside, your machine is just not up to it to begin with… or like me cautious and frustrated at the start but now you`re there, there`s no going back.

  8. Genieva

    i LOVE this version of Gogo!

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