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Top 10 JuicyBomb

I am inspired by Daniel Voyager’s blog post listing his top 10 blog posts and search terms, so I am posting stats for JuicyBomb. WordPress has built-in site stats, so this information is gathered from the stats page of my dashboard.

I’m not surprised to see that there’s a good mix of informative & useful posts and some drama posts that have made it to the top 10! It’s encouraging to see that the top post is the Newbie Style Challenge, which was a really fun challenge. And… you guys love my Windlight tutorial! I promise to upload them some day, I have dozens and dozens that I’ve made for different skins photography indoors and outdoors. I’m inspired by the best, Torley Linden, who has hundreds of Windlight settings available for download!

Here are my top 10 posts of 2010 and top 10 search terms

Top posts by total views on my blog during 2010:

  1. Newbie Style Challenge – 11,169
  2. Gogo’s Updated Windlight tutorial – 4,390
  3. Banned from EXODI – 3,480
  4. Second Life 2.0 Shadows – 3,478
  5. Avatarize your avatar! – 3,383
  6. Exodi Stephanie Skin, Seams – 3,291
  7. /me rolls my eyes – 1,997  (deleted) lol
  8. Stiletto Moody, hot mess… – 1,950
  9. Muism Eyes & Lash tutorial – 1,912

Top Search Terms by total views on my blog during 2010:

  1. juicybomb – 7,968
  2. juicy bomb – 6,164
  3. second life fashion – 2,291
  4. second life fashion blog – 1,059
  5. avatarize me – 901
  6. avatarize – 592
  7. sl fashion – 580
  8. gogolita – 576
  9. avatarize myself – 569
  10. juicy bomb second life – 522

Other Stats:

Total views: 924,105
Busiest day: 3,920 — Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Blog Posts Published: 1,604
Total Comments: 5,245

How did I do this year, Second Life? Were you entertained? Informed? Do you want more of the same??? 🙂

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  1. PrettyEdgy

    My fav site – keep making beautiful pictures with the hottest items SL has to offer.


  2. Minxie

    My name is Minxie and I AM an SL stripper 😉 I had to say that after seeing the infamous Exodi skin post. I love your site and found it browsing for ‘quality SL fashion blogs’. I consider myself VERY lucky to have found it.

    You not only point out flaws but the good in each and every item as well. I still search out items for myself, but it’s lovely to see your beautiful pictures and thoughts on skins, shapes, clothing, etc.

    I shall keep being a loyal viewer of your blog in 2011 and look forward to more posts.

    PS: I hope being a stripper doesn’t make me bad 😉 *teasing* But I DO pay attention TO EVERY little detail. To me whether you are a stripper, a blogger, an artist, or just a ‘doll’ details matter. Let’s face it; first impressions are what people remember.

    Thanks Gogo 🙂

    • Graelwyn

      I agree a little with this… I would LOVE to see Gogo blog lesser known skins, maybe DrLife(which seem to be coming more to attention lately), /League, Tres Blah, moJo, YS&YS etc…simply because I would be very interested to see you in them, and to read your thoughts on the good and bad points. Also, when it comes to pointing out things that need working on, you are more likely to come to the attention of the creators, lol.

      That being said, it is an individual’s choice what they post on theirown blog… but I just would love to see opinions on a wider range of skins and hairs.

  3. Rochelle Jigsaw

    Personally Id love to see you get out of the box some.

    eg you post almost EVERY truth release. There are hundreds of hair stores who release reguarly and yet the only hair I see on this blog 99% of the time is truth and exile.

    I did enjoy this blog more when you reviewed newer or lesser known stores more often.

  4. vick spitteler

    Congratz Gogo! You have great numbers! This is cause you do a fantastic work. In 2011 you’ll 1 milion total views!

  5. Vaki

    Not to be all kissing your ass and whatnot, but yeah, this blog is a regular read for me. I love the fact that you review honestly and you’re not afraid to call out flaws when legitimate flaws exist, but you don’t go out and hunt for bad things to ridicule. You’ve brought things to my attention that I didn’t notice as much before — now I pay more attention to seams in skins and clothes, little details like that.

    I know some designers get all bent out of shape about it, but frankly, people should always be trying to improve their product line, right? If there are flaws, correct them and move on.

    Anyway. Keep doing what you do.

  6. Sally

    Yep, keep up the good reviews! 🙂
    I’d also like to see reviews on “lesser known” skin and hair brands, cause what we see is like Truth, Exile, LAQ, Gala/Curio – you know.
    I guess these are your fav. brands but most of the time it’s not much review to be done, just “show off” the options.
    I’d love if you covered lesser known/new brands – it’d be interesting :}

  7. Aurore Dreamscape

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog! Your pics and reviews are great. Thank you so much for all the tips and tutorials too. I have visited many SL fashion blogs, but keep finding myself coming back here to see what’s new. I discovered Truth and Exile here, and think they definitely deserve attention when they come out with new releases as they are great brands, but I would like to see new and lesser known brands as well. Good luck to you in the new year, I am looking forward to your blogs!

  8. Chalice Carling

    Congrats on those terrific numbers Gogo. Your blog is da bomb…da juicy bomb. Your commitment to promoting SL designers in the way that you do is appreciated by so many of us.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

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