New Mon Tissu

mon tissu

Mon Tissu has just released some casual clothing items and an adorable pair of flats! What I’m loving about this brand is that their clothes looks so normal, like stuff I’d find in my RL closet.

mon tissu

These Lou Lou Denim pants includes Straight and Rolled Cuffs, they go perfectly with the Cottage Flats.

mon tissu

I particularly love the adorable Sweetheart Tank, it’s so casual and goes well with the Horizon Twill Trousers, too.

Pictures are taken at my house today, one of the rare times I actually hang out on my sim and not away on my platform! I’ve been trying to landscape a bit more, getting ready for Spring/Summer weather.

What I’m Wearing:

mon tissu – Sweetheart Tank
mon tissu – Lou Lou Denim
mon tissu – Cottage Flats
mon tissu – Take Flight Necklace (Gold)
Truth – Jolie (Swedish)
LeLutka – Gem/Golden-Makeup5 (coming soon)

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  1. Absolutely love the clothes at Mon Tissu…although I’m a bit weary of the group fee. Just sayin’. Nice overall. 🙂

  2. I bought everything I think in Mon Tissu last night and agree that your house looks lovely. You have fab taste in EVERYTHING my dear.

  3. I`m liking the clothes.. but something about that sim is @@ Log outs, lag and bad TPs 🙁

    • I have problems when I visit Lula too, even when I derender everyone. I love the brands there but now I dread visiting because I always get kicked from the grid.

  4. i love mon tissu also but i just cant ever rez for some reason. because of the laggy sim even when i mute everyone and derender things i can barely move and it prevents me from buying everything i want to. i really hope they change locations or make their products available on slx

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