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2C Angel Eyes, Inspire Eyes

These eyes from 2C by 2C Runo are realistic and just simply perfect.

Every series has 30 colors to choose from, and each color comes in Big, Regular and Small sizes and also Veins in Big, Regular or Small and even a veinless version. There are enough options and color choices to keep even the pickiest customer satisfied.

2C Eyes - Angel Eyes

2C Eyes – Angel Series

2C Eyes - Inspire Eyes

2C Eyes – Inspire Series

I always go for more natural colors for everyday wear, but I picked a couple of high-contrast ones to show above cos I think they will be perfect for fantasy styles.

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  1. Anjelyc Morales

    Those are sooo gorgeous <3 i'm already shopping in my head!

  2. Inuoko

    I’ve been wearing the dark brown eyes for months! I try to switch to something else but I just can’t bring myself to do it! <3

  3. Sonia Drechsler

    I never take off my lovely 2C eyes! 🙂

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