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I’ve always said that I hate teases, especially people who show things I cannot purchase right away, so forgive me everyone for teasing you with LeLutka’s upcoming Gem skin. Yep, she has a name now!

This skin is one of two new faces that will be released at LeLutka. I’ll try to show the other skin, Kit, in an upcoming post soon.


Magoa has a cute new The Brigadier Dress out and it’s adorable! Two different skirt styles are included with the dress, so you can wear it as a mini-dress or with a short poofy skirt.

I’m wearing the newest release from Exile for TDR. This is the Elena style in Exclusive TDR colors (not sold in the main store later). For a mere $60L per pack of 4 colors, it’s irresistible.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Gem/Golden-makeup 7 (coming soon)
Exile – Elena (Earth Mix)
Magoa – The Brigadier Dress
Donna Flora – Monica jewelry set
LeLutka – Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

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  1. Keira Seerose (Magoa)

    Oh my gooooodddd……. *dies*!

  2. Marianne Little

    I am so getting that hair! Not just for Marianne but the alt will get a treat, lol. The Dressing Room/+Blue is as popular now as when they started, I am never alone there even when I log in afternoon European time and the new items have been up over a week.

  3. Marianne Little

    And Gogo, you don’t show short hair so often… Can’t you have a post about shorter hairs? I like boy short styles and unisex hair.

  4. Alura Baily

    LOVE this. Cannot wait for that skin to come out, its stunning. I just bought the hair but I’m a total nub.. how did you manage to get the bow off?

    • Marianne Little

      I haven’t bought the hair yet, but I guess that you click on it and get a menu to make the bow visible/invisible. Or you can make a copy of the hair, and edit it. Like this tutorial: When you have selected just the bow parts, go to texture and click it. You get up a new window of your inventory and type in transparent in the search, then you use the default transparent texture from your inventory. This will make the bow totally transparent. Remember to ALWAYS MAKE A COPY FIRST, because you will mess it up first time you try.

  5. Kozi

    Is this skin available yet, since it’s been a few months? D: I can’t seem to find it anywhere….

    • Kozi

      Nevermind~ I found it. D: <3

  6. Kozi

    Sorry for the problems! >< So, one question.. Do they offer any kind of cleavage or cleavage enhancer with their skins?

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