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Fishy Strawberry Soignee Lingerie

Fishy Strawberry

Lingerie is always appropriate in SL — anytime, anywhere. I am happiest when Fishy Strawberry releases new lingerie, cos I think Fae Eriksen does such a fantastic job with the texture and design. I should wear other colors but this Green and Pink combo is my favorite!! I’ve been wearing it a lot lately.

Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry – Soignee Lingerie | Front & Back

This lingerie set also includes a version without garters, with garters and matching socks. I love garters but I’m not always a fan of socks (can’t wear shoes with sculpted feet with them), so I really like that the panties can be worn without garters too.

Fishy Strawberry

Some poses used here are built into The Rack from Glitterati. I love the idea, but not really into the shiny silver texture, so I retextured The Rack with my own wood texture and it came out really nicely. Plus, it matches the floor 🙂

The wall texture is part of the Couture Wallpapers set from made by moo, and the herringbone floor texture is something I picked up over a year ago from 5th & Oxford that’s part of the Little Miss Texture Pack (I have the matching bed, maybe I’ll finally use it.. someday!).

What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Summer (Happy Blond)
Fishy Strawberry – Soignee Lingerie (Green)
LeLutka – Fame Pumps (MistyRose)
Caroline’s Jewelry – Blue Cabochan Chandelier Earrings
Caroline’s Jewelry – (Lion & Lamb) Isabella Ring (I’m a twilight geek!! don’t judge meeee)
Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum! Static-Translucent (Color-Change)

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  1. Par1s

    Twlight ♥
    I just bought the ring,
    its Fab! <33

    • Par1s

      Oops, I Meant Twilight* Lol

  2. Blair

    Nice pictures 🙂 I don’t judge you, I’m a twilight geek too ^^

  3. SerinaJane

    with skin is that in the pics worn? and the pics are hot! <3

  4. Katey Coppola

    Love what you did with the wood texture! 😀

  5. Tracy Rubble

    Gorgeous! I love the detailing and realism.
    Beautiful pictures as always too xx

  6. rarely obscure

    Love the skin, who is it?

    • Gogo


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