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Gos – Curvaceous Boots

Gos - Curvaceous

Yum, yum!! The new Gos Curvaceous Boots are bootiful! I love that they come in baby Pink (the best color ever) and three different heel choices.

Gos - Curvaceous

What’s your favorite style? Heel options: Chunky | Stiletto | Wedge

Gos - Curvaceous

Gos Curvaceous Boots – All 10 colors available (shown above)

Gos - Curvaceous

I’m thrilled the Pink color matches this (very old) Aria51 Outfit from TheAbyss perfectly. I’ve had this outfit for 2 years and 3 months now, and today, for the first time ever, I’ve just noticed that it has a THONG!

TheAbyss - Aria51


What I’m Wearing:

Maitreya – Saar (Platinum)
Laqroki – Vilda 03 (Fair) Glow Skin (Blonde)
TheAbyss – Aria51
Gos – Curvaceous Boot

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  1. Natasha

    I have to agree Baby pink is one of the best colors ever. πŸ˜€ As for those boots…I want them! Time to go shopping..<3

  2. Douleur

    God! Has it been two years for Aria? ( I have it too ) The new boots are too die for and quite enjoy them. πŸ™‚

  3. Don Mill

    Bad GoGo is bad!

    To blog the boots you need to not wear any outfit

  4. Andrea

    I almost bought that outfit so many times…but the boots. I can’t believe they still have it! thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Shiori Carter

    The Aria51 outfit looks great, unfortunately you cannot buy it separately only part of a full avatar, very unfortunate.

  6. CallejaFairey

    I was given the Aria av as a gift, and still love it, though there are parts that were tinted grey when there was that dumb windlight bug, and even though it says the piece is mod, SL has bugged the perms, so i tend no to wear it often, and after so long, i don’t want to bug the creator to get new versions. But…the whole point of this post..those boots…omg, so fabulous, i may need to go and finally replace my fav standby almost kneehigh black boots. my poor wallet!

  7. Silena Constantine

    Great boots, with so many options. I really like that you can split the colours of the boots as well. And getting suede and leather boots all in one is amazing.
    Aria is golden oldie.
    Thank you for the great find.^_^

  8. Hito

    I love these boots! I got the fatpack thinking there would be a million boots in there, but nope- just the 2 that are scripted to change color and heel!!!

    These have replaced my boots from Bax Coen- since Im still waiting for them to completely update to 2.0 versions…

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