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Juicy – Anabell Shape


Try a new look on for the new year! Every year I like to make subtle tweaks to my own shape, just to keep it new and fresh to me. If you’ve been dying for something new, try on Juicy Anabell. I have  created this shape to fit my current favorite skin, and she also features a lot of characteristics that I love about my own shape — such as having a petite frame with curves and pouty lips.

Tweaking the sliders can be time consuming!  If you’re a designer looking for a beautiful shape to model your ads, check out Anabell! All of my shapes are average size, and will fit almost everything on the grid with minimal adjustments 🙂

All Juicy Shapes are copy/mod and includes a style card.

Purchase this shape online!

Juicy – Anabell Shape @ Marketplace

Or visit Juicy in-world!

Visit Juicy Shapes! 🙂

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  1. Prettyedgy

    I own one shape from you, i love it, but i want to know what are the differences between your shapes? is the face different but the bodies the same?

    • Gogo

      Every shape has a different face, and similar body — but I do make some shapes taller than others. Most are petite/curvy 🙂

  2. Oriana Kuhr

    I own one as well. I do not use it, unfortunately, cause i became obsessed with my dolly shape lol. But i do still like it. Though, I would make one little suggestion….demos are our friends 😀

    • Graelwyn

      I agree; I really would buy more shapes from you, Gogo, but it is nice to try on first to see which one might suit a specific skin best. I have not come across another shape seller not do demos of their shapes and it makes me sad as I really do want to buy more from you as I love your shape on here 🙁

      • Inuoko

        I also agree, I have my eye on this shape but I dont want to buy it because I can’t try it out first. :S Demos please! Big hands/feet demos! Your shape is really nice but I dont know if i’ll like it with my own skin; a demo would help. 🙁

  3. Aradia Jameson

    would definitely get it, if you just had a demo 🙁

  4. Kassidy


    I really love the shape too but I really can’t justify spending the $800L on something I don’t know if I’ll fully like (height wise, proportion etc.) unless I try the demo on me. Will you ever consider doing demos even if they were like +Plus (with super big feet or something).


  5. Par1s

    I Totally Agree About Demos,
    I Bought A shape A While Ago From Your Store,
    It had a pretty face, but the Body Shape Was Totally not For Me…
    I’m Not Blaming You For This =),
    But In The Future Demos & Maybe Different Body Shape Options Would Be Nice!

  6. Kendra

    Where can I get that skin!

    • tatrix

      Laqroki .. it is the vilda i guess

  7. tatrix

    Hey i love your blog and your shapes too , the only prob i have is to find demos for the shapes. i mean 800 lindens is enorm but good for your shapes, i would like to try them before buying 🙂

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