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Minute Makeover – Rainbow Eyes

Minute Makeover

From this —-> to this! 🙂

This Minute Makeover post will transform your skin without breaking your budget. I like to fatpack skins, but even fatpacks don’t have everything my skin whore addict heart desires. For someone on a budget, a nice base skin in one or two nice lipsticks is all you really need, tattoo layers will do all the rest.

Minute Makeover

1. Bare face (Laqroki Vilda 03 (Fair) Glow skin (Blonde)) 2. Dutch Touch MakeUp – LIPGloss – Faded Serie – StrawBerry

My base skin is this lovely Laqroki Vilda 03 (Fair) Glow skin (Blonde); this is the perfect skin for a nice beachy look, the skin tone is beautiful. I added a layer of Dutch Touch MakeUp – LIPGloss – Faded Serie in Strawberry to give the lips a touch of pink.

Minute Makeover

3. cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Rainbow Eyes (Medium) 4. Tuli – Eyeliner 5 (group gift)

Now, the fun stuff. I added a layer of the cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Rainbow Eyes (Medium), which looks great under prim lashes by itself, but I wanted more definition so I added a final layer of Tuli Eyeliner 5. As you can see, it really makes a difference!

You can substitute the lipgloss and eyeliner with any brand of your choice, as long as it fits your skin nicely.

Don’t forget to finish the look with a pair of prim lashes of your choice and/or wear texture lashes tattoo. I can’t stand my avatar without lashes!!

Makeup worn:

cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Rainbow Eyes (Medium) group gift
Dutch Touch MakeUp – LIPGloss – Faded Serie – StrawBerry
Tuli – Eyeliner 5 group gift

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  1. Lashae Karsin

    This look is so pretty. I makes me wish Spring would get here faster. Great post!

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