I’m inspired by all the new and awesome makeups at Kozmetika, so I’ve created a new blog category called Minute Makeover.

The objective of Minute Makeover is to take any SL skin, and transform it in “under a minute” with some tattoo makeups.

Minute Makeover

1. Bare face (LeLutka Gem/Golden-Makeup7) | 2. BOOM – Down to Basics (Gold)

I started with a skin that has minimal makeup (LeLutka Gem/Golden-Makeup7) but you can see there’s some light eyeshadow. I’m adding a layer of BOOM – Down to Basics (Gold) shadow that has dark eyeliner, but I’m not finished yet!

Minute Makeover

3. BOOM – Liquid Gaze (lashed) Hot Pink 4. Final look (with prim lashes added)

I wanted something bold and bright to go over the Gold shadow, so I added the BOOM – Liquid Gaze (lashed) Hot Pink. This layer also includes tattoo lashes, but I still wanted to finish it off with a pair of my favorite prim lashes to complete the look.

I’m using the SL Official 2.4 Viewer to wear multiple tattoo layers. If you need help wearing tattoo layers, check out my How to wear multiple tattoo layers tutorial.

Makeup worn:

BOOM – Down to Basics (Gold)
BOOM – Liquid Gaze (lashed) Hot Pink

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