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Nikita Fride hair

Nikita Fride Hair

Nikita Fride – Bloom n Butterfly | Jungle King | Fashion Up Hair w/ Windblown w/ Glitter

A lot of readers have suggested that I should cover new brands instead of my usual favorites…. so here you go 🙂

I stumbled upon Nikita Fride last week and discovered a really huge shop with a large collection of hairstyles. I noticed right away that some of the styles and textures were “not me” but that’s exactly what I wanted. I think I tried on all of the hairstyles, but settled on a few that were cute and has cute hair accessories. I normally try to steer clear of animated hair, but it totally worked with some of the hairstyles at Nikita Fride.

For example, the Fashion Up Hair w/ Windblown w/ Glitter (how could you not love hair with windblow and glitter?!) has some animations on the flexi hair strands to mimic a windblown look, and I think it totally works for.. mermaid hair?

My friends have mixed reactions to this hair — some people liked it, some people thought it was weird/awful/bad/shockingly bad and weird.. but eh, you guys wanted DIFFERENT, right?

I don’t think this is bad hair, really! I would never blog something I didn’t like or wouldn’t spend my own money on. 🙂

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*Note: These hairstyles are no modify but includes a resize script. Each hair includes two version — full bright and not full bright, but some of the styles included not full bright hair that had full bright hair accessories. I sent Nikita Fride a notecard requesting a completely no-bright version of the hairstyles purchased, and she promptly fixed that and sent me new versions. Now that’s what I call awesome customer service!

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  1. LeLe Cyberstar

    I think these styles look great! I would love to see some of the models wear them during runway shows and fashion ads. It would spice things up!

  2. Savannah

    Love Nikita Fride! Most of her stuff isn’t really my style either, but I’m glad it’s out there. To me it looks more like art than anything else — a feast for the eyes!

  3. Aemeth

    Are you wearing eyeshadow? It looks good against the skin’s tone.

  4. Victoria MacFanatic

    Ohh, if you want different hair go to Tukinowaguma hair style, they are reasonable prices (wish she had more colors in the pack for the price but 350L for like 2 colors isnt that bad). She has high fashion hair and great costume hair (I have a geisha hair from their and love it, she’s got tons of geisha hair styles). And she has regular hair but the main attraction is her crazier and fancier stuff. Your bound to find something that you like (her store is HUGE).

  5. Graelwyn

    Very familar with Nikita Fride, having worn her skins in the past, which are also worth a looksee. If nothing else, those hairs are certainly eye catching and different, and sometimes, it is nice to go for something totally unusual and yes, even strange 🙂 I like the jungle one the best. It is just so shockingly in your face that I love it, lol.

  6. Boo Eberhardt

    I think they’re fantastic works of art and I would totally wear them. I’ve noticed though that if the skin you’re wearing isn’t in-line with the feel of the hair, it just makes you look off. These may need more dramatic makeup or something. Oh, and if you’re looking for more out there styles, check out BC322. Some are meh, but others look great, colorful, and adorable!

  7. Martes Velde

    The hairs photograph really well, but I could never imagine wearing them in-world. They are too avant garde for me. However, that cat one seems a little bit hair show-ee to me.

  8. Aurore Dreamscape

    I stumbled upon Nikita Fride a while back, and decided to check her hair out for a new avatar I was creating, that I wanted to have a bit of a wild look. She definitely has some unique creations! There are some hairs that are not so out there, in natural colors, and I did get a few of those. I loved the fashion up hair w/glitter and got it in chili, I believe, which is a dark red. The skins were all a bit too far out for me, but there were a few freebies to be had in those at the time. I got a couple of her outfits, including the “Bloom” dress and boots that match the “Bloom n Butterfly” hair and they are pretty unique, too! I did NOT get the hair itself! lol

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