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Oh Deer

Couverture, LaGyo

Couverture released the beautiful Ta Fleur sculpted dress that can be worn several ways. The frill, and skirt can be worn together or separately. I’m wearing just the skirt without frill in the pictures above. When you take off the sculpted skirt, this dress can transform into a body suit (wear with the frills or without).

I’m in love with the new jewelry pieces from LaGyo! I’m wearing the Winter Deer headpiece, King Deer ring, and Queen deer ring. I couldn’t choose which one to wear, so I wore ’em both 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Gem/Golden-Makeup7
Truth – Janelle (Swedish)
Couverture – Ta Fleur (Pink)
LaGyo – Winter deer headpiece
LaGyo – King Deer ring
LaGyo – Queen Deer ring
SLink – Aveela Stiletto (White)

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  1. Don Mill

    Very pretty dress and the B&W picture is simple amazing.

  2. Oriana Kuhr

    Very cute, but are the ears supposed to be grey? or did they not rez?

    • Gogo

      I think the ears are GRAY, but I will ask the designer. I know I waited for it to rez and also relogged several times wearing it, always gray. Could be deliberate or a temp texture! We’ll find out!

      • sylvan

        You know, that deer’s head structure reminds me of a calf in the top photo.

  3. Archan Allen

    I bought those rings a week ago. The ears have never been grey. 🙂

  4. Gyorgyna Larnia

    “the mistery has been solved”!! I had some sl problem lately, and it came out that some textures (not temp) disappeared from my that’s probably what happened to the poor ears..I checked almost everything in store, but unfortunately I missed them °___° I’m really sorry, cause the photos, omg are so so adorable!!

  5. Graelwyn

    Beautiful dress and the rings are adorable, I love ’em.
    Really wish I could find jewellry with swans

  6. Alura Baily

    Even with gray ears, still the cutest ring i have ever seen. Something I would definitely wear in RL haha 🙂

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