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Donna Flora - Reine

Donna Flora created this Reine dress for Miss France, for the Miss Virtual World contest. I don’t follow pageants in SL, but I saw this dress on the feed awhile back and had to have it. I love big gowns in SL, although there’s never anywhere to go in them. But do you really need a reason to dress up like a Princess in SL? newp!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Jocelyn (Swedish)
LeLutka – Gem/Golden-Makeup5
Dutch Touch – Makeup – Lipgloss – Faded Serie – StrawBerry
Glow Studio – Pink Duck (Hairband) modded to fit hair
Donna Flora – Reine (Miss France MVW contest)
Donna Flora – BEAUTY Necklace & Earrings
All poses used from POSEUR (Poofy set)

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  1. TL

    Love these photos GoGo can you share the location?

    • Gogo

      hi TL! The location is my home, but those flowers are by pitsch parx, so you can easily create your own flower patch at your home 🙂

      • TL

        Thank you GoGo!!

        • Vixen Thibedeau

          I went looking for those flowers and found the garden level where she sells them, but I couldn’t find THOSE in the picture. Do they just look different because of the lighting in the photo or am I going senile early? : )

  2. sherry

    Really, it isn’t just about the strange and rather pretty dress. Perfect photo and choice of colors.
    Especially like the one with a pale yellow backdrop. The lighting is so good.

  3. Alura Baily

    Verrrry Rococo of you 🙂

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  1. Mademoiselle

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