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Teens in Second Life

It’s official! SL is now officially no longer an “adults only” zone, as we welcome 16 and 17 year-olds from the Teen Grid. I know a lot of designers are looking forward to this, viewing teens as a fresh group of shoppers, so here’s my question for anyone who is a teen and reading this blog, how do you fund your SL?

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  1. Jeanie Waydelich

    This money earned in-world…what is the origin? Work (what kind of work) or family in SL? I am concerned about the origin… there are many ways pis tempting to make money, not good for teens (some with less than 16 years …)..maybe this can turn other poll^^

  2. Lilly

    Some people, teens or not, just do NOT “fund” their stay at SL.

    What is it with the whole “if you can afford internet/gas/school/food/bills/utilities/groceries/rent or mortgage then you can afford SL” point of view?

    Typically american, by the way, this bad habit to make assumptions at other people’s lives based on your own rich lifestyles.

    Truth is, you FORGOT, conveniently I may add, the option “I don’t fund”. Because after teens or parents have paid all the NECESSARY things, such as all the internet/gas/school/food/bills/utilities/groceries/rent or mortgage”, maybe there is no change left to give their teen – or to use it themselves – to buy virtual crap in SL that could be gone forever if Mr. Linden decides to play Nero role one day.

    Smart people do their SL out of freebies and get their bread cents together to purchase a RL crap, that at least, has a less ephemeral insurance to last a bit longer.

    • Alura Baily

      You have never spent RL money- however little amount it may be- on something trivial and fun? And to be honest, there aren’t many freebies out there that allow me to enjoy SL to its full potential. I really enjoy fashion and shopping, but I do not feel it makes me any less “Smart” than you to put money into something I enjoy doing.

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