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Truth hair

Truth Hair

Truth – Pepper, Nyssa, Tatum (Swedish)

Truth has 3 new hairstyles, they’re so fabulous. Tatum is definitely a fav this time around, cos I just love a well-fitted beret!

Oh yeah.. I bought a belly piercing! I can’t recall the last time I wore/bought one, but I really wanted something small and cute, and I found this on Marketplace for $45L! It’s the envi – Belly Cupcake in Pink. I modded this to lower the “glow” setting from .05 to .01, so it shows better in pictures and is less glow-y.

envi - belly cupcake piercing

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  1. Em

    Yaaaaay, TY for sharing the piercing! I looked around for one and wasn’t happy with anything I saw. That one is adorable~

  2. Marianne Little

    Hehe, that is so you! <3

  3. Lashae Karsin

    I absolutely love Truth hair!! He is most definitely one of my favorite designers in Second Life. His hair has such a real texture and quality to it.

    I actually added your blog to my blogroll quite a while ago since I love your blog and follow it almost daily. Your photography is amazing!! Like you, I don’t do Photoshop well either; so, all of my photos are only cropped with a border added. Today was the first time I saw your little ‘Link to Me’ statement at the bottom. Haha!

  4. Ann Launay

    Wow, that belly button ring looks much cuter here than it does on the Marketplace. Why do creators insist on nuclear glow levels and then compound the issue by taking low quality product pictures?

  5. Nivea

    What a shame the belly button ring was cute on your post.

  6. Yoko Leeeroy

    God, I thought I was psycho, but no modifying a copy mod object? PFFT. Yet another one sitting somewhere rocking back and forth thinking of complications they can cause I guess?

    Lol… shame though. Cute cupcake.

  7. Em

    What the ….! o.O Your photo looks way better than the ad image. If I had come across it in the marketplace as it was I would have passed right over it because of the glow, but your pic made me want to buy it. Until I saw their email that is. lol

    • Marianne Little

      Second this. What the hell…. the Marketplace ad scares the shit out of me.

  8. sherry

    Simple blogger rules:
    1. Criticise if you feel like as long as you are respectful to readers and designers
    2. Try to be as non-biased and honest as possible but still keep your individuality in the process
    3. Do not offend, do not butcher pieces. Constructive criticism is welcome.
    4. Take criticism yourself lightly, as lightly as you want others to take yours.

    Blogger rights:
    1. Individual taste and expression
    3. Posting pictures (edited or non edited) in the way they well please
    4. Not even required to give credit to where it’s due. This is a personal blog. You might owe your fans and readers the hints but not usually to designers. They aren’t paying you to tell us where you got something from so they have no claim to it.
    5. Throw a small fit (although some of your “fits” aren’t small hehe) when a designer is BLINDED by how much better their item is portrayed in your blog

    Point made….
    Or points for that matter…
    now i wonder if Point is TAKEN too…

    Toby… Merry Xmas.. you sad touchy feely man you

  9. Boo Eberhardt

    I had to laugh at this “It doesnt reflect the quality that I put into all my creations. To be honest, thats what my items look like to people who have low-grade, old graphics cards.” Was the quality he was referring to? The weird glow, or the horribly pixelated, low quality photo that is supposed to promote the item? You would think any content creator would be happy when they’re getting positive publicity for free on a popular blog. The belly ring looked adorable in your pic, and like freebie noob accessories in the Marketplace photo. He should really rethink how he portrays his product, and how he interacts with customers, especially the bloggers. Oh yeah, and get over yourself. If you don’t want your product fiddled with, don’t make it mod. I hope some people will enjoy his fine “quality” but I won’t, and from the looks of things, many won’t either.

  10. Hito

    It most likely is Toby having a change of heart- look at the backlash he/she’s getting.

    Anyway, in my opinion- you did make it look a million times better Gogo- but glow or no glow this still looks like a low quality freebie…

  11. Marianne Little

    Interesting… so the “real” Toby claims that a “false” Toby sent you the email? LOL, never a boring moment. /me hugs Gogo.

  12. Yoko Leeeroy

    Did you let a black cat cross your path this week Gogo? If not, get one. I have one and she does it all the time and I think I have become immune.

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