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Truth hair

Truth – Billie | Neve | Odette

I moved to a different city this weekend, so I was pretty burnt out and didn’t blog for 3 days. I’m getting back into it now that I’ve finished unpacking a lot of my things. YAY!

Truth released three adorable new hairstyles, I’m sure you’ve seen it worn all over the blogs this weekend. My personal favorite is Billie, cos SL doesn’t have enough hat+hair(styles).

LaGyo rings

LaGyo – Little princess deer (group gift) | King deer | Queen deer rings

JuicyBomb readers are so sharp! In my last post, I wore the LaGyo rings and you guys pointed out that the ears were gray. I thought it was a deliberate design thing, but when I asked Gyorgyna Larnia about it, she said that it was a temp-texture issue, so oops! on that. I got a replacement, and re-photographed the rings with the proper textures showing.

What I’m Wearing:

BOOM – I Promise (cotton candy and white) coming soon
Furniture used:
What Next – Laurel Bedroom Collection

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  1. Love the hairstyles, Billie and Odette specially 🙂

    Heck, love the post… you must be the only fashion blogger that I actually check for updates :p

  2. Ah those temp textures
    I always forgot to apply a non temp texture etc it was such a problem so I like, stopped using that feature 🙁 . It’d be useful if the texture viewer pop-up window thing would actually indicate the texture is temp. Would save a lot of trouble

  3. Aww yes, Gogo has been so kind asking me for these grey textures..I had a bad issue with SL versions, and also some old non temp textures disappear from my inventory..SL magic XD

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