A Favour for Gogo

Hi, I’m Lash. When the new face of Curio, Jasmine came out over the weekend, Gogo asked me to take some pics to show the new face in its awesomeness. I hope more designers create these sort of diversely ethnic faces. It captures the elaborate demographic we have on the grid. And, for me, Jasmine doesn’t disappoint.


I don’t regularly blog anything. So sorry if I’m a bit modest here. ^ There’s the infamous,  bootylicious-maximus Curio butt which I always thought was kind of a trademark. My favourite feature of Jasmine is the nose. No more “fatpack” is offered with the full set of makeups per tone. Now it’s a “Megapack” for $L3k which offers all the makeup sets in ALL the tones. Pretty good deal if you like getting more than one skintone.


Each makeup set is priced at $L1k if you don’t want to megapack it. I’m sporting the Pure makeup medley with tattoo moles from cheLLe and Lashes from Lelutka. There are 6 makeup set to choose from all in all. As usual, they come in Light/Dark, and freckles/no freckles options.

If you like fresh new faces, give Jasmine a try!

Black Azure

Other credits:

Hair ~ Exile (Artemis and Cerise) & BooN (HMT436 and hairbase)
Clothes ~ BareRose (Black Acure and Schwarze Rose)
Earrings ~ Donna Flora (DOLL set)
Eyes ~ Umedama Holic (older hunt item)


  1. Not really happy with the face, style, or pictures but nice try I guess.
    Ethnic diversity is a plus of course…. but isnt that old news not new news?

    • This is news! The skin was released this past weekend, and I do believe this is Gala’s first Asian inspired face.

  2. Awesome! cant this Girl blog a bit more often? hihihi i love looking at gogo’s photos but lol this is a new body! ahahahahah welcome lash! and pls stay! awesome skin btw love the bum hihihihihiihi

  3. Lash loves purple! so it seems!! yayyy can we have some purple mixed with pink (gogo) more often?

  4. Lovely post, I loved the pics (although next time if they are a touch bigger would be appreciated)! I think the face is darling and very subtly pretty. IMO, I dont really see ethnicity etc, I just appreciate great skins (although I feel a little weird wearing say a black or asian skin when I’m white, I dont feel like I’m being true to my RL self if that makes sense at all lol) but I do wear them sometimes if they are made with great skill, and curio is a great brand, I will be picking up a demo, but lashy’s shape is so cute with this skin Idk how it will compare to my own with this shape.

  5. Hi everyone,
    Love the pics, love the skin! Trust me, if you appreciate variety in your skin just go try the demo’s …soo many really different choices for Jasmine. Pretty!

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