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Katey Coppola’s Tutorials


I’m HORRIBLE at following Photoshop tutorials, cos I usually get lost when I can’t find a tool or understand how to use that tool (which is often the case).

I followed one of Katey Coppola’s new tutorial videos on Youtube and made the pretty glowy background for the image above. I got lost at 0:30 cos I couldn’t find the brush, and I have no idea what it’s called (I blame her British accent! LOL JK).

Katey’s tutorials are very helpful, even a newb like me managed to get through most of the steps! If you’re bored and want to learn something new, check them out.


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  1. Kaelyn

    Thnx for sharing! I love learning new things!

  2. Tammy

    Katey is speaking of the Bokeh-Brush and you can’t find it on Photoshop. But there are many ressources to download Bokeh-Brushes.

    • Gogo

      Yea! Someone finally told me. I’ve never heard of Bokeh Brush before 😛

    • Jolene

      I didnt even know Bokeh brushes existed O.o

      i usually just try and find a bokeh background.

  3. SW

    Hiii gogo which skin is that and also can you provide the top shes wearing thx hugs 😉

    • Gogo

      Skin: LeLutka – Gem
      Dress – Evie’s Closet

      I really should blog the dress some time soon!

  4. Elle Couerblanc

    Thanks for letting us know about this…I am dying to learn more about PS.

  5. Mira Bellflower

    Thanks for sharing these tutes with us Gogo, damn i can’t believe i didn’t realise too try half of this sooner and i’m supposed too be good with photoshop and pics *slaps her forehead*

  6. Aisling Easterwood

    The brushes are called bokkeh brushes, and you can download them from Deviant

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