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Lara Skins

Lara - Ava

The Vanity Universe Skin Fair is opened now!

Perhaps I’m not the best blog to read if you want complete skin fair coverage this year. I’ve seen a lot of good, bad, and plain ugly skins over this past weekend. I’ll try to feature just a few of my “must haves” from the entire fair over this week. So far, I’ve found a few skins worth checking out!

When I did a massive inventory cleaning awhile ago, I deleted my entire Lara Skins folder. I had a couple of skins that I’ve purchased from Lara Skins but wore maybe once or twice? While the faces were always cute, the skins lacked options and were also not well made (had seams, the skin texture is grainy, etc).

Lara - Ava

I passed by Lara Skins several times before finally grabbing a demo, and after determining that I could work with this face, I gave it a chance. I thought Ava was pretty cute, and the price is attractive — $1900L fatpack of 5 skins with hair base, dark brows, a cleavage enhancer (on undershirt layer, not available on tattoo), and five additional tattoo makeups that includes smokey eyes, pink blush, and three eyeshadows. This skin has a pretty face, the body is OK (some area of the legs and overall I think it’s grainy) but I think this is an improvement for Lara Skins since the last time I checked it out.

Lara - Ava

These dark brows are OK, but I prefer lighter brows, so I wore the Lara Hurley Claire blonde eyebrows over the Ava skin. The blonde Claire brows tattoo is sold with the Claire skins pack, and not included with Ava. If you purchase an Ava skin pack (and don’t already own Claire), you might be able to ask Lara Hurley for the tattoo brows for free πŸ™‚

Lara - Ava

Putting together my look today was easy, I wanted something Brown to go with this gorgeous new Spring necklace Β and Spring deer headpiece from LaGyo.

Lara - Ava

What I’m Wearing:

LaGyo – Spring necklace & earrings (gold)
LaGyo – Spring deer headpiece
Elikatira – Novel (Blonde 05)
Tiny Bird – Skinny Love (Taupe)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” Rose

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  1. Natali

    Vision of lovliness, Gogo! I`m so very envious of your ability to make any skin look `you`. And as always thankyou for the lovely clean and clear pictures in your skin reviews.

  2. Cara

    This skins actually looks good on all my friends, with little adjustments to their shape. Usually they spend hours changing stuff but it was good right out of the box.

  3. Sally

    I think the skin is slightly brighter in the face than the rest of the body (more shine) and the nostrils though it’s a pretty skin πŸ™‚

  4. Rosalie Difference

    Hey Gogo I loved those shoes in the review but I saw yours were without the large flower. Is there a way to obtain them like yours? or are they modify?

    • Gogo

      Hey Rosalie! Click on the shoe, a menu will come up that allows you to turn on/off the flower πŸ™‚

      • Rosalie Difference

        Thank you! Perfect heels.

  5. Gyorgyna LArnia

    Ohh looks pretty on u!! I have some Lara skins btu I admit I had to make a lot of adjustments to let them look good..I picked this demo too with many others..starting right now to try them πŸ˜€

  6. Sammie

    Your pictures are always so nice, do you do them yourself? if you do would you do a profile pic for me please?

  7. Clementine

    I have become OBSESSED with the “Eve” pumps since finding them on your blog. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love that I don’t have to wear an invisiprim with them. They’re just fantastic!

  8. Victoria MacFanatic

    I always loved the face of lara’s skins, they are very youthful and sweet with a hint of sexy. I haven’t seen the body in a while but unless I wear revealing clothes I’m not naked in SL that offen so all the bits aren’t as important to me. I wish she’d make paler skins though, even her lightest skin isn’t as pale as I’d wish. Def will get a demo of this since the face is adorable.

  9. Bella Hobble

    I really like the skin. Just can seem to TP to the fair…. The sim is always full… Sad day πŸ™

  10. Mairead Fitzgerald

    I got Ava and it’s a very pretty skin, no adjustments, right out of the box… I never have to adjust Lara Hurley skins, they fit like. well.. my skin! Love them. Adore them. And don’t wear anything else… why? NO ONE seems to be able to do faces like she does. I try EVERY skin that hits the market, demo… Lara skin back on…hands down, I stay with my Lara Hurley Skin. With that said, I have laid out a few thou here and there on LAQ and Curio, sadly though, as my sister will tell you.. (she bugs me about spending money on skins, wearing them a day and not wearing them again)… a day later I am back in my Lara Hurley skins. Tried and true for me at least. Like my shape, have never found one equal to my Alady shape, so guess it can be said that unless a designer decides to “really screw the pooch” I remain a loyal returning customer.

  11. Mairead Fitzgerald

    PS.. let me add that I think your shape goes phenomenally well with Ava, Juicy. Very, very attractive, downright pretty.

  12. Mairead Fitzgerald

    OMG PPS… middle of the nightposting before bed… not good I guess… LOL Wanted to say it is “Lara Hurley Skins” no just Lara Skins.. might confuse people, and I won’t go into that one.

  13. Kirsten Corleone

    Lara Hurley skins are beautiful. Her face has always been my favorite for close ups. The actual body of the skin is not as detailed and shaded as I like, so this is not a skin that I choose for say a bikini photoshoot. However, I see no seams or poor quality in the texture of the skins. I have owned many different ones. I just don’t see the detailed parts like elbows, stomach shading, etc done as well as some other skins I own. That being said, this is still my favorite overall skin in SL and her newest skins are much better than her skins a year ago. I want to talk to you about Lelutka skins that you seem to love. Those are skins that are horrible quality in shading and texture! The face might be pretty, kind of although I don’t even like that on me, but the body of Lelutka skins is SUB PAR. I challenge you to show Lelutka skins BODY unedited and compare it to other skins in SL and prove that it is worthy of the credit you give it. I think it is the worst, most-hyped up, poorly made, VERY EXSPENSIVE skin in SL. The shading under the boobs and around them is horrible. The stomache, the legs, and the BUTT! are just so poorly done! Lelutka Kit and Gem remind me of great skins in 2007 pre-windlight. They are FLAT and devoid of the shading of great skins in 2011. I did a post to compare skins in SL, and what I found about Lelutka compared to great skinners was revealing: Gogo, you are my favorite. I read your blog every day and because of your coverage I RAN over to Lelutka to get demos the Friday Gem was released and I WAS SO DISSAPOINTED. The skins are horrible and its about time we challenge the status quo!. Again, I give you a bloggers challenge: compare and contrast Lelutka (face and body) with other great SL skins and see if they are really on the same level.

  14. Danielle

    Hello Gogo.

    I have been one of those “Silent Readers” until now. I saw this skin a couple days ago on your blog and thought i would check it out. So i bought the demo. I took your advice as in, going home getting naked checking every square inch of the body. I Thought everything looked fine, plus the face was so freaking cute. After i burchased it i put on a tanktop to show my friends the Cleavage enhancers, I think I died. The arms of this skin arent the best at all they look sort of painted on. Is that what you mean by “Grainy”, anywho if Lara could fix the limbs on her skins and give them a little shine into them i would be one happy soul. Anywho those are my thought :).
    <3 Danielle Mannequin

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