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LeLutka – Gem

LeLutka - Gem

LeLutka – Gem (Base Skin) worn here without (left) and with eye bags tattoo (right)

Here’s a preview of the upcoming LeLutka Gem skin that will be released this Friday. If you’re a fan of the Kit skin released about two weeks ago, you will love Gem! Between Kit and Gem, I totally adore the Gem skin on my shape more, though the face is similar.

Have you noticed more skin designers are selling “skin packs” now, rather than selling individual skins? LeLutka has moved towards this direction by selling packs of skins that includes all the options so you can wear it alone or as a base and purchase add-on makeup packs to customize your look.

LeLutka - Gem

LeLutka – Gem (Light Brows)

LeLutka - Gem

LeLutka – Gem (Dark Brows)

The new Gem skins will be sold in two packs of four makeups each. Each pack also includes a base skin no makeup so it can be worn underneath add-on makeup packs very easily. Included with each Gem skin pack is two brows (Light and Dark) version, Eye bags tattoo (I love this so much!), Breast Enhancer tattoo, Blonde and Dark hair base tattoo, and a pair of sculpted LeLutka 2011 lashes/curl.

LeLutka - Gem

This pack of 12 tattoo lipsticks for Gem are sold separately, but they may work on Kit and other skins too (demo first!).

I’ll try to show the other add on packages at another time, but they’re absolutely stunning! There will be eye gems, fancy feather lashes, and eyeliners released on Friday as well.

LeLutka - Gem

What I’m Wearing:

Vive9 – Fredja (Dust&Sugar)
R.icielli )Mattori III Poncho (Green, hunt item)
Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim (Used)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” Black

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  1. Marianne Little

    I see you wear a hairbase here – is it the LeLutka blond? Looks like it works well for that hair.
    I was so disappointed after I found out that LeLutka uses Redzone to scan their customers for their OP adress… I think I stay away, no matter how tempting it is to go there and grab some demos.

    • Marianne Little

      IP adress, I mean!!!

    • Lee

      Shows how used to typos i am, i didn’t even question that! 😉

  2. Lee

    I was waiting for the Gem release so i could compare it to Kit before i splurge, and i’m glad i did cause of the lipstick tatts!

    Umm….LeLutka scan people for their op? why on earth do they need to know that info? :/

    • Gogo

      I don’t know if LeLutka does or not, but a lot of brands have that anti-copybot detection thing that DOES. It’s annoying, I hope they stop using it!!

    • Marianne Little

      I think they removed it, the IP scanner. It is many threads on the 2 forums I follow. I am sure many sim owners are sick and tired of LL don’t stopping copybots, so they buy this Redzone to protect themself. The trouble is that anyone can buy Redzone and harvest the Info. So the responsible business owner who just want to stop copybotting might not know that the data picked up on their sim can be used by jealous expartners or people who hate someone and will stalk them.
      The worst I read, was that you can wear Redzone as a HUD, so you don’t even need land to use it. I have media and voice disabled most of the time, this is just plain wrong to me, even if I don’t have stalkers I will not end up in some database. Because who knows what will come next, banning of all who have media disabled?
      Oh and I heard that the new copybot viewers are not picked up by Redzone…. so it is not even a good copybot protection. Just a sad thing that LL need to put an end to, IMHO.

  3. Sally

    I really hope LeLutka does not do that… She’d put up warning signs, eh.
    Even if someone copybots the IP won’t help much at all, still it’s not nice if everyone gets their IP ripped out.

  4. Delila

    I like lelutka, but compared to other skins, I find them bland and their lines a little harsh; whenever I wear them, people say I look mad!

  5. Angel

    I have been really looking forward to Gem, especially since I saw you blog the preview a little while back.
    From those previews, I was totally excited about those brows. I am really fussy when it comes to brows, as they frame the face and are usually quite an important feature for any high grade skin.

    I went in yesterday to LeLutka and got the 2 packs but I have one thing slightly bugging me. To be honest it has been getting on my nerves since Lola.
    I am asking you this Gogo just in case you have an idea, as I am sure you have spotted it as well. So here it is: Why is there a difference in shape between the Dark and Light brows?
    I noticed in Lola, whereas Dark is flawless on my face and when I wear the light brows version well there is a slight dip on the top bit of the arch. Same small difference applies to Natasha that I bought after it came out, and now same with Gem.
    For Natasha I even went and bought the Andala (I hope it is spelled right) tattoo layer light brow, which fixed up a bit.

    Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t stopping me from buying the skin packs, but I truly wonder why the difference in shape? Shouldn’t both brows be the same no matter what tint?

    I am just wondering if you spotted it too, and if you might have some insight.

  6. Noelle Fox

    Love you Gogo! thanks for being an inspiration♥

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