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LeLutka – Tiana

LeLutka - Tiana

LeLutka – Tiana (Base Skin with Light & Dark Brows)

The third annual Vanity Universe Skin Fair is almost here! I’ve always looked forward to skin fair (there’s quite a few of them in SL) if they’re organized well and the designers have NEW stuff.

I know some fairs don’t require that designers have something new, but I think it’s really exciting when there is new skin debuting at the fair, rather than just a new tone of an existing skin.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I just <3 LeLutka skins! LeLutka is on a roll this year with two new faces so far (Kit and Gem) and this third one, Tiana will be debuting at the fair.

LeLutka - Tiana

Tiana comes with Light and Dark brows, a pair of LeLutka 2011 Lashes (Curl), Breast Enhancer tattoo, Blonde and Dark Hairbase, Eye Bags tattoo, and a Base skin is included in every pack. There are four makeups to start, but I’m sure there will be more makeups released at a later date.

I’ve been wearing the Golden tone since Minnu changed her skin tones slightly, but today I tried on Hush (it’s lighter) and I really like it on me. It goes with this particular shade of Platinum Blonde from Maitreya pretty well, but I tend to change my skin tone depending on whichever hair brand I’m wearing.

LeLutka - Tiana

I hope you’re looking forward to the Vanity Universe Skin Fair as much as I am! This event will open on February 20th and runs through March 6th.

What I’m Wearing:

Maitreya – Nadja (Platinum)
Fishy Strawberry – Early Morning Cardigan (White)
Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Light)
Kungler’s Extra – Marajoara Necklace
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve”

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  1. Silena Constantine

    I can’t wait for the skin fair…my only problem is waking up at 3a.m. for it. ^_^’
    Do you know if Laq will be featured in this?

    • Silena Constantine

      Ah nm I saw the list, no wonder they have been so quite with new releases.

  2. Jade Glazner

    I am so disappointed that I missed the cut-off date for skin fair this year D: I hadn’t heard anything about when it would be until this post, so unfortunately I am too late to be included. 🙁 But hopefully I’ll catch the next one while they’re still taking store registrations. Looking forward to this new LeLutka skin, though. ;P

  3. Kathy

    where can i see the list?

  4. Just A Reader

    Hi there GoGo. Just wanted to say that you have a really fabulous blog. I’m always coming to read the latest must haves for secondlife. However, this post missed the mark entirely. You are usually spot on with your fashion sense, and are usually very critical when it comes to skins. However, since no one else has, I’m going to point out the nose on that skin is sorta hideous. It’s like, droopy. The rest of the skin is amazing, but the nose is a deal breaker for me.

  5. Gabriella Marshdevil

    OMG, I need these eyes NOW! Where did u buy them?

  6. Clementine Lectar

    I just wondered if this cardigan in white was a limited edition or something special? I went to get the white one and they didn’t white at all. I ended up getting brown, but quite honestly I dislike it very much in that color and won’t wear it. 🙁

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