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Iris Ophelia wrote some very nice things about JuicyBomb and also listed it as her top 3 favorite Second Life Style blogs. I screen capped it cos I never win any SL awards for blogging, hardly anyone ever admits to reading my blog, and my look/style has been called “outdated and generic,” recently, though I try to stay current! πŸ˜€

But I have you guys (who are mostly silent readers), and your visits keeps my passion for blogging SL alive. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! If at least a handful of people look forward to new entries from this site, then I consider it a successful project and worth my time.


Check out my big Pink ad in February’s issue of Avenue Magazine. I’m on page 88-89!

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  1. Emmie

    I’m very surprised that someone would call your style outdated and generic. I happen to really like it. =)

  2. Mandy

    I admit it.. I’ve been silently reading your blog for a long while I’m glad that you never let anyone decide whether you’re going to blog or not and that you do it because you love it. Keep up the great work!

  3. Gyorgyna LArnia

    My compliments Gogo!! You deserve this πŸ˜€

  4. Deoridhe

    I guess I’ll comment, since I’m a usually silent reader. ^.^ I’d comment more, but I feel braindead.

  5. Isabelle

    I must say I LOVE your blog!!!! i check it almost everyday please dont ever leave! LoL πŸ™‚

  6. Samara Cavalieri

    Hi, I’ve got you on my blog roll and enjoy every one of your posts. πŸ™‚

  7. Andrea

    ignore the critics. I sincerely love your taste. dre πŸ™‚

  8. Priscila Olrich

    I always read your blog, silently ahah… and I really like your style.
    Congrats Gogo, you deserved.

  9. Sophia Harlow

    I don’t always agree with you, but I always read your blog. <33

    • sherry

      Same here! Congratulations and waiting for more success and more posts!

  10. maleja0213 andretti

    the blog and very good all the clothes are cute and the way you use it
    I love this blog and recommend it to many of my friends
    so be in a different language that I speak

  11. Vixen Thibedeau

    Joining in with the masses here. I love your blog and it’s one of the few I read every day. I always look forward to your postings, and your fashion sense is always clean, crisp, stylish and beautiful. Don’t ever stop! <3

  12. Jai Skytower

    I love your blog. It is my homepage. I love seeing your awesome styling skills! Keep up the good work.

  13. Nalirra Rosewood

    Much love from one of your “silent readers”. Grats and keep it up. <3 Nali

  14. Lynn Barthelemy

    I look forward to and read your blog every day. I love your style. Anyway, that’s exactly what it is – “your” style – nobody else’s. Thanks for taking the time to show us some beautiful things in SL fashion. Keep up the good work!

  15. Noelle Fox

    congrats! you deserve it for being inspirational and honest.β™₯

  16. Su

    Hee hee yes I love you and apologize for not commenting more. I swear I thought there were way more people who comment. I will try to comment more and tell ya how much i appreciate your SL fashion. i swear you’re like the biggest well known SL blogger ^_^!

  17. Nari

    Congratulations Gogo! You deserve it. You really are one of the best SL blogs. I check your blog every single day :))) I love it and you are a wonderful inspiration. I’ve learned a lot with your posts about eyelashes, light and so on… Thank you for sharing :))

  18. asia romano

    I read and enjoy your blog…one of the best around πŸ™‚

  19. Chalice Carling

    Congrats GoGo. I think you entirely deserve all the kudos that comes your way. You consistently deliver quality. Good for you.

  20. enja lou

    I love You Gogo!! and I absolutely love,while i never ever go to your sim,well,very rarely i always check your blog,eVERYDAY!! i love your posts,picture,even when you’re mean or lazy ahahahah:) Big LOVE!!!


  21. Terri Zhangsun

    I always read your blog!

  22. Barbarella

    Well, I’m another of those “silent” readers… I never comment but I do visit your blog quite often. So, time to show my appreciation! Thank you Gogo (^_^)

  23. Isabelli Anatine

    Well.. I read/follow/stalk your blog since I discover that it exists.

    I love your way to blog, the pics and the chat, of course.

    You really do some critcs on your reviews, but they are always construtive, never just meaning.

    I do have your blog on my blogrolls of all my blogs. And I admit be your fangirl. *smiles*

  24. Jessika

    I’m a silent reader ! And a few of my friends are as well, But alot of people out there do enjoy your blog, and coming from a person who does nothing but search blogs and such, You have by FAR one of, if not the best one out there.

  25. Kitty Tolsen

    I check your blog every day for new entries, in fact, it’s the only blog I read on a regular basis. Every once in a while I’ll click on someone in your blog roll, but again, this is the only SL blog I read on a regular basis. Like Sophia, I don’t always agree with you, but, I don’t *always* agree with anyone πŸ™‚

  26. Marieke

    In a virtual world where 60% of women dress like Motley Crue groupies, it’s funny to think that your style could be seen as ~outdated and generic~. Seriously, it made me laugh.

    Keep up the good work, Gogo. πŸ™‚

    • Samara Cavalieri

      That’s funny and so true! I swear everytime I tp in somewhere there’s a girl barely wearing anything with everything hanging out. Why are there so many girls that want to dress like groupies in sl?!? Hey Gogo, that could be one of your poll questions. πŸ˜‰

  27. Don Mill

    It is obvious that I am not your fan boi… pfff… clearly I am not reading this entry… yes, that.

    *fans himself*

  28. Looby

    OMG! “Outdated”? PLEASE! I look forward to your blogs and check for a new one everyday! Keep up the great work Gogo, your fashion blog is by far the best i have come across so pleeeeeease keep up the fantastic work xx

  29. sabrinaxoxo hannu

    Congrats on your award!! I’ve silently read your blogs like a bible also ;D
    You have amazing taste!
    and I promise to start commenting more so you know someone out there is reading and appreciating πŸ˜€
    My avi wouldn’t be so hot without your blog :O!!
    Keep up your amazing beautiful work!

  30. Lupe Pelous

    One more who reads daily your blog, who loves discovering all the wonderful things you show to us and hopes you keep on doing same thing as there are many of us who really enjoy!!!!! mwasssss

  31. Skye

    Congratz Gogo! I’m another (former) silent reader that visits your blog every day. I’ve never commented since I didn’t think I had anything important to say, but after reading this post I wanted to tell you thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! I absolutely love your blog–it’s smart, fun, sexy, polished, critical yet constructive without meanness ^.^ and I really enjoy your photos! You’re the best!

  32. randomdude

    I read one fashion blog and read it daily. To me it’s always a vision of the happy side of SL..makes me smile..congratz

    • Gogo

      Aw! πŸ˜›

  33. K

    I still read your blog even though I quit SL to focus more on real life stuff, makes me wish I was still playing πŸ™‚ Your style is def not outdated.

  34. Ana Kornberg

    Congrats Gogo, for years I follow 2 blogs: Milla Michinaga’s and yours, and I have to say that this award is very well deserved!! As someone told before I also learned a lot with, keep the fantastic work!

    (ok I follow lots of other blogs, but these 2 are the ONES)

    • Gogo

      Hey Ana! I didn’t win any award πŸ™‚ Iris is a fellow SL resident, but I made her top 3 list and that’s better than any award to me, cos she blogs on my (mostly non-fashion) SL blog – New World Notes (!

  35. Vampira Aristocrat


    I look forward to checking/reading your blog daily. I too am one of the “silent” readers.

    Let me take this time to say I respect your moxy for not being a sycophant or looking for popularity or review copies by giving everything a content creator makes a “positive” review. Whether I agree or disagree with you on certain subjects, it’s YOUR blog and you should be able to say what you wish and defend your opinion how you wish. People need to “grow up” if they think any differently.

    Secondly, I like your style. Yes, I do enjoy and appreciate some of the non traditional, “creative” looks some other bloggers display, but for the most part, like you, I prefer to enjoy my SL looking more or less fashionable and “normal”, more a representation of my RL self, than a fantasy self, although I do indulge once and a while. Quality hair and skin counts, as well as other well made products, and most you do a fabulous job of photographing and reviewing with minimal processing and I do appreciate that!

    Keep going, I love all of it…your style, your moxy and the occasional drama…it’s all good and keeps me coming back for more!

    Best to you,

    Vampira Aristocrat

  36. Kirsten Corleone

    I love your blog. I read it every day. I am a blonde too, and you really need another blonde to give you blonde fashion tips. I also have your site on my blogroll. I can’t believe you think that you are not that well known/ liked! Your style is beautiful. I HAVE commented a few times. I voted for you in the GLANCE fashion awards as well.

    Love, Kirsten Corleone

  37. Cajsa Lilliehook

    I don’t know why you don’t win awards. I nominate you every time because your blog is consistent, entertaining, has good pictures and is frequently updated. What more can one ask for?

  38. Cyrece

    I check your blog every day! I love your style – in fashion and writing oooo and your pictures are great too! Thanks for taking the time to do this and sharing some awesome finds with us.

  39. Shiori Carter

    me and all my clones reads it πŸ™‚

  40. Leilani

    I’ve been reading your blog for years! High quality photos, gorgeous avie πŸ˜€
    I read all blogs after your’s (and check it daily) πŸ˜€
    Thank you!

  41. Sorcha Irelund

    Congrats OH JUICY ONE! Keep on rocking the bloggin world. WE LOVE YOU!

    XoXo, Sorcha Irelund

    P.S. Add me to the blogroll?

  42. Joycey Crescendo

    I have to admit, I am one of those silent readers who looks forward to new posts here and is also possibly one of the reasons that make me go, I need to go shopping xD I love reading your honesty (something I really don’t get, with some blogs that go on and on about how something looks good, when its really obvious that its not the case) and the fact that your pictures also look awesome, is a real plus.

  43. Elle Couerblanc

    You’re definitely in my top 3 – for your blog and as my friend. /me wipes away my tears.

  44. Leilz Jewell

    I lurke, I admit, but I poke my head out sometimes to comment if needed πŸ™‚
    I like reading your blog because you have integrity in your opinion. If you like something you like something and if you don’t, then you tell us why. Like many here have already told you you spotlight some fabulous things and let the rest of us know why you like them. You give us (or me at least) something to aspire to in making our SLs that little bit more glamorous or fun. Keep it up hun!

  45. Harry Hilders

    Look at the amount of comments, definitely some people who like your blog πŸ™‚

  46. Baby Shortbread

    I always enjoy reading your posts. You are the first blog that I check on (and at the top of my bookmarks). From your posts, I find not only new fashion that I’m interested in, but inspiration for new looks within my own line. So thumbs up!

  47. Silena Constantine

    Well deserved. Keep up the great blogs.

  48. Hazel

    Since you mentioned about most your readers are silent so I think I should finally break the silence. The pictures in your blog are one of the best from all the SL fashion blogs that I read. It’s not just the fashion style but also the quality of the photography.

    A SL fashion addict.

  49. Anahata

    i am also a blonde who prefers to look casual and cute. i don’t think it’s outdated at all. while i do admire some of the crazy awesome avatars that look quirky, i keep coming back here because you wear things i would wear and i get some awesome previews of items. i can definitely say that i have teleported to more shops from your blog than any other.

  50. Claire Soderstrom

    /me reads and thinks ‘outdated? Gogo??’. Whoever wrote that, the words ‘jealousy’, ‘shemales’ and/or ‘lack of talent’ spring to mind *coughs and goes back to watch paint dry*

  51. Dawn Keystrel

    I am also another silent reader of your blog. I find it inspiring and admire not only your sense of fashion and style, but your photography skills. If am a silent one, it’s only because this is how I tend to be in my everyday sl/rl lives anyway. I agree with what people have commented here, yours is a blog to bookmark and one I enjoy reading everyday. Congratulations!

  52. Danutka Demina

    this blog is in my favorite, one of the best for sure, thank you so much πŸ™‚

  53. HaileyMarie Redrose

    I’m no silent reader. I openly tell people to come to JuicyBomb to find great clothing, hair, skins and accessories. I myself am a fashionista at heart, and 95% of my outfits are comprised of mixin’ and matchin’, but I still come here to see what I’ve missed. Chances are, the stuff you pick is fabulous, and gives me great ideas.

    My only gripe? Seek out more hair πŸ™‚ You cover Truth and Exile quite a lot, and I’d like to see just what I’m missing out on besides those two, and Magika and Fri.Day.

    Other than that, don’t worry about naysayers. Jealousy is the motivator for negative comments.

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