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The I <3 Originals Fair starts tomorrow, February 5th and runs through February 13th. I am blogging to you from inside a lovely new starstruck prefab home that will be available at the fair, for only $350L (special fair price, it will be $500L in-store).

The Hathern home is a two-story modern Victorian style that features a stair case, two fireplaces, and is just the right size for one person (or two!).


There’s plenty of windows to let the sunshine in!


I decorated this home with a couple of pieces from my home decor shops, but quickly ran out of prims on my island (damn you prim limits!). I was able to furnish it pretty well on a limited prim budget, but now I’ll have to delete something from my other house, before I can rez more πŸ˜›

Furniture Used:

starstruck – The Hathern
MudHoney – Lawrence Office
MudHoney – Breitman Entrance Set
MudHoney – Seville Mini Bath (suys)
Kyoot Home – Fall Of Pan Ottoman (Shabby)
Kyoot Home – Notes Chandelier

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  1. Bel Inglewood

    Thanks! I’ll definitely check this out, love your blog btw.

  2. ebediyet Matthews

    The black and white is stunnnnning! Great shot.

  3. Elle Couerblanc

    Your top picture is fantastic, my dear!

  4. molly lemton

    where can i find the house, click the slurl and ended up under water πŸ™

    • Gogo

      Search for Cyclic Gearz (Creator’s name)

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