TOSL Nippon Love Parka1.3 Usagi


with glow | without glow

I bought this Nippon Love Parka1.3 Usagi from TOSL (by Quinlan Quimby) at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event. On the vendor ad, I thought it looked pretty good so I bought the parka and matching wellies.

I’m so disappointed that both of these items were set to 0.03 glow! Thankfully every prim was mod, so I turned glow off, but it’s so unnatural looking and I really don’t understand why designers think that setting clothing items to glow is nice. Glow is only acceptable on small accessories otherwise it’s just creepy (like a glowing spirit).


with glow | without glow

In certain Windlight settings, the glow is more prominent and really blindinggggg!!

So this is my PSA to designers, please stop glowing your stuff, kthx.

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  1. Trust me glow isn’t the only problem with these items did they photoshop the display photos to trick you?! That is the only explanation lol!

    • I think the vendor ad pic is fine, I thought the texture was nice n bright like that (without glow) didn’t know the jacket is actually set to glow! But it’s all good, I un-Glow’d it. I guess I wish it was labelled like “this jacket is glowy” LOL

  2. Another reason for me to stay away from no mod items with resizer. If they set some to glow of fullbright, I can’t change it at all. Blargh.

  3. yeah, i understand designers setting things to full bright, i know it helps when creating things to see the textures and all the little pieces perfectly (depending on the windlight they use of course), but stting it to glow is kinda weird. rave parka?? lol

  4. Maybe im just not getting this…maybe its the photo…this jacket is just ugly! Im surprised its something you picked up, usually your style is spot on.

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