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Exile – Anjette | Evangeline

Two adorable new hairstyles from Exile! The Anjette also includes a color-changing beret.


I put together my outfit today using some new JANE items. The sheer layer top is very sheer, so I doubled it up by wearing two at once to make it more opaque. I love that each color pack is just $50L and includes all 31 colors!! I’m also accessorizing with the simple Floret Ties scarf from Jane, and very fabulous Knuckkle Clutch from Hucci.

Here’s a close up:


What I’m Wearing:

Jane – Sheer Layers (Powder)
Jane – Sheer Layers (Celery)
Jane – Floret Ties (Milk, Chocolate)
Fishy Strawberry – Soignee White (Bra)
Mon Tissu – Horizon Twill Trousers (Khaki)
Hucci – Knuckle Clutch (Peach Lace)
Nardcotix – MANA Edith (Bronze)

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  1. I’m wondering where you are. Did you go on vacation and didn’t mention it in your blog, or did I miss something?

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