Laqroki Linnea Skins

Laqroki - Linnea

Last week I saw a teaser image of the new Linnea skins from Laqroki and I waited patiently all week for it to be released! Finally, she’s here!!! I’m such a huge fan of this new face, the lips are so full and gorgeous, and there are Light and Dark brows included.

Laqroki - Linnea

Laqroki – Linnea Dark Brows | Blonde Brows


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  1. i have to admit, one of my first “non freebie” skins was from Laq back when they used to be RaC (i remember the cute little courtyard, and the advanced hairs! ahhh the past)… anyways, i haven’t gone back there since i got bitten by the dutch touch bug, but man, these skins look great. although my old retired skins are still in my folders that i throw on once and a while and wrinkle my nose judging them, i really am going to go check these out because i can imagine that they have improved dramatically?

  2. Yeah, the lips are fuller than on the other skins, but what else is really new? Just the lips? I think it looks the same as many other LAQ skins, and even if it has subtle changes the whole “What’s the difference?” is enough.

    So I just wonder what’s new except the lips and if it’s worth buying. (Oh, and the eyebrrrows! :P)

  3. I just bought this skin. I LOOOOOOVE the face. The only thing I am not real crazy about is the fact that there is no hair base. I wear a tattoo and makeup so I have no where to put another hairbase on my avatar. I so wish she had a hair base because I adore this skin!

    • hi Skyler! Are you using SL official viewer? There’s 5 tattoo layers allowed, so I think that having hair base on tattoo layer isn’t too bad. Laq does sell separate hair base tattoos in all tones and hair colors.

      • Well Viewer 2 wont run on my computer sadly. So I am stuck using Phoenix at the moment. It wont let me add more than one tattoo layer unless I am doing something wrong. 🙁

  4. Hey Gogo 🙂

    the skintone youre wearing is milky, or? Im just wondering because it looks so light on you, which is really pretty. But ingame it has a slight yellow touch on myself. I tried different windlights and its always the same *sighs*

  5. I love these new skins. I ran to buy them as soon as I got the release card. Only thing I’m not very happy with is how the dark brows look on the darker skins. On Cocoa, they look burnt on. So I wear the lighter brows, which are ok. I may get a hairbase to see if I like those brows better.

  6. I like it ok but the nose looks *slightly* pixelated on me when you look close. I am a nose peeker.

  7. I like the hair, what is it?
    Btw, I made comparison to belleza, I chose belleza, details on body are prettier in my opinion.

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