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BOOM Juicy

BOOM Juicy

Miss Aranel Ah of BOOM is one of the designers participating in PURE JUICE. She asked me if she could use my JUICY font (I didn’t make the font, but I use it for a lot of JUICY logos) to make these sexy My Milkshake underwear set.

BOOM Juicy

From Left to Right: Pure and Juicy | Hot and Juicy | Soft and Juicy

Pssssst! Want to bring the boys (or girls!) to YOUR yard? Get My Milkshake!

I rarely ever mention poses, but I need to give proper credit to these adorable new StoRin poses! You can get the Something Cute (part II) on Marketplace too!

What I’m Wearing:

BOOM – My Milkshake (Pure and JUICY)
BOOM – My Milkshake (Hot and JUICY)
BOOM – My Milkshake (Soft and JUICY)
LeLutka – ADDISON hair (Marilyn)
LeLutka – GEM/Golden-Base/DBrows
Love Soul – Prim Nails *Lovely* All Colors

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  1. TheShadow99

    “Pssssst! Want to bring the boys (or girls!) to YOUR yard? Get My Milkshake!”

    Is a nice thought, but it doesn’t seem possible… I get auto-returned home if I follow your ‘pure juice’ link and she doesn’t sell them at her place… I thought they would make perfect ‘house’ clothes…

  2. Sally

    I think poses should be mentioned like any other kind of apparel. After all, someone’s made the poses and deserves credit as well especially since SL would suck without good pose creators. Sadly people rarely credit the poses..
    Then it’s another thing not to always mention every single item worn/played on the avatar 🙂

  3. sherry

    poses have caught my attention for the first time. great style and body language

  4. sorcha Irelund

    Awe… I got returned home. Boo!

  5. JeanGenie

    is 5th but still sim is closed

  6. sylvan

    I don’t know if it’s everyone but a lot of us can’t make it the event. We are being TP’d to the ground nearby. I manually flew up to it from the ground and as soon as I reached the structure I was TP’d home.

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