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Cara Bella, Arianna

Cara Bella - Arianna

Cara Bella - Arianna

Have you been to Cara Bella? This newly launched brand from Piper Ashdene (formerly Aden Breyer) has just released the Arianna skins in 5 skin tones, and 8 makeups. I’ve been seeing teasers of this skin for a week now, so I was quite excited to try it on myself.

Arianna also comes with brow options, and cleavage enhancers & dehancers tattoos.

Cara Bella - Arianna

Cara Bella – Arianna | On skin | Enhancer | Dehancer

I did notice that the “Enhancer” shading is much too dark for it to look natural, but the natural cleavage (on the skin itself) and the Dehancer is just right.

Cara Bella - Arianna

The body on Arianna was decent, except for this large seam on the inner thigh and a very faint one on the torso. This area must be incredibly hard for skin creators cos I noticed that many brands have this issue.

Cara Bella - Arianna

Overall, I like this skin but it needs some improvement. The lips corners are shaded too dark, I had to reduce my Lip Fullness slider to fix that area (but I want bigger lips!!). I also didn’t like the  Blonde brows as much as I like this Dark Brows color. Lots of designers simply cannot do convincing Blonde brows. And I hope Piper makes changes to the Enhancer shading! That’s pretty much all of my critique… this is a skin review, after all.

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  1. Lauren

    I am surprised you did not mention the nipples. They look very aged as in as if they belong to my grandmother.

    • Dita Tran

      I haven’t seen this skin yet, and I can’t vouch for your grandmother’s boobs, but Lauren, you should broaden your horizons. Nipples come in all different sizes, shapes and colors – but the infinite variation has very little to do with age.

      Not everyone wants the nickel-sized 15-year-old-girl aureoles that are the “norm” in SL, some may want breastfeeders the width of a slice o’ salami. Some may want pudgy, thumb-sized Bai Ling nipples. Some may want their darker skin to actually NOT have pink parts.

      I know snark is what all the cool kids are doing, but maybe it’s enough to say you didn’t care for the nipples, and try to articulate why.

      • Lauren

        “I haven’t seen this skin yet.” Enough said, really. Try the skin, then come back and tell me what you think of the nipples. They are extremely aged. I am not saying that variation is not nice, IT IS. But lets face it, the nipples do not match the rest of the body/face. The face and body are youthful looking, and the nipples are not.

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