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Don’t rain on my parade

Pink Fuel

I’ve been cleaning my inventory again. Before December 2010, it was over 120K, yesterday I had 105K and now I have 94,887! I’m sure that will be back to 100K in a few days, but at least it’s under 100K now.

I find it really hard to mass delete cos I have so many cute things! I don’t think that 100K is bad for being 4yrs old in SL. And, I’m also not a hoarder. I delete things that are dated quite often, so I have no idea where the bulk of it is.

These adorable Piggies from Pink Fuel were acquired in March 2009. They’re two years old now, but still so cute!! I love love love Pink Fuel as a brand, there’s so much diversity and cuteness. Skins? Accessories? Adorable ย animals? Mochi Milena makes everything.

See? I’m not just a soulless new stuff whore! I like old(er) things too, just not old and bad.

Pink Fuel – Piggy (all of them)
Pink Fuel – Mood Clouds (Happy Clouds!)

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  1. Icy

    May I ask what skin you are wearing here and where this adorable tank top is from as well? You are rocking that gorgeous hair color too, nice change!

    • Gogo

      ooops! the one day i don’t credit LeLutka skin, someone asks ๐Ÿ™‚ It is LeLutka – Gem skin, LeLutka – Rain hair, and Mon Tissu clothes.

  2. Kira Zobel

    I have a feeling that your massive inventory is the result of skin fat packs. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I just hit 70k and I’ve been in 5 years, and that’s with junk that I need to delete. It’s too big for me already! Too bad you can’t come in my account and help me organize! o:)

    • Gogo

      You’re probably right! I deleted 3-4 skins brands folder from my inventory, and instantly went down 5K. AMAZING!

  3. Shiori Carter

    ok, thats it, i am never deleting anythign again, what happens if i lose something that fricking cute ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just broke 50K, almost 4 years, but i did some cleaning once upon a time ago, and i accidently deleted my box of stuff of no real value, i lost my prim brain in that disaster ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Skye

    Well I always tend to delete things within a week. Like especially with clothes. If i wear an outfit that I’m in love with I’ll keep it…if I wear it once and it was “eh” I delete it lol. If I mess up and need the outfit I just go and buy it again, wear it, then delete it lol. I only do that with my clothes though. I have many other folders haha. Like hair/shoes…I’d never delete cause I caould always use it again…i just hate wearing an outfit more than twice. I’m kinda like that in RL so it’s just playing out in SL hehe.

  5. Coral

    I live this headline! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Marianne Little

    So true, I feel that i delete stuff all the time. I wish LL would stop thinking about Facebook and give us better inventory management tools.

    It would be a dream to open inventory without logging into SL. And I wish we could drag whole folders into a second inventory, that stays closed as a “closet” who isn’t loaded unless we choose to open it. An easier way to pack stuff we really don’t want to trash, instead of the tedious job of boxing up things… and then it’s a nightmare to find it.

  7. Lourdes

    OMG you have piercings *faint*
    I’m thinking I should have fatpacked that top.

  8. Lisanna Lauria

    I’m 2 years old and I’m around 10K … but I never purchased fatpack of any kind (I don’t need the same shirt in every colors and I always wear red hair) excepting for skins, so it helps a lot.

    But I’m totally unable to delete my old stuff. Old dresses from SK Designs? Canimal shoes with skulls (LOL can’t believe I used to wear that)? I can’t, I “keep in case I might need it”.

    But for my own defense, my inventory isn’t too big compared to you guys, and everything is madly sorted / classified / renamed so nothing gets lost!

    – Gogo, I love that haircolor on you!

    • nimil blackflag

      box the stuff that you think you might need someday again or things you love too much to get rid of but don’t want to wear :p that’s what i’ve done and i went from 90k to 70k (and still going, 5 years of stuff takes a while to look though X-x) i basically make a box named for the item i wnat to keep, and then make a box for what kind of item it is. like those canimal shoes, would get stuck in a box named blah blah shoes and then all shoes i’ve boxed up go into a shoe box (lol) then if i need them i can find them again!

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