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Lots of hair

lots of hair

Row 1: Exile – Simone | Liu | Born This Way | Sarah (TDR Blue)
Row 2: Truth – Mandy | Priscilla
Row 3: Shag – (Re) Use Me (Project Themeory) | Songbird (Chic Limited March) | Siren (Chic Limited March)

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  1. Jolene

    there’s 11 hair but only 9 credits?

  2. Rosalie Difference

    I think it’s funny all of Truth’s hair has optional bangs, I think he’s gone on a severe Bang Trip! lol. Though I love Mandy, I just think it’s interesting it came with optional bangs, because now it looks way too close like Adele. Though they are still gorgeous !

  3. Browser

    What about the lil’ iPod necklace, where’s that from? 🙂

    • Gogo

      from Admiral Spicy by Sunny1986 Ember

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