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Milana hair

Milana hair

Milana (hair) is a collaboration between two designers, Asuka Martin of Dernier Cri and Sharifa Morenz. This new brand launches with a bang! All 20 styles are released at once, and they’re ssssmoking hot.

Milana hair

Fans of Dernier Cri will find this Hair Dye Menu HUD familar, cos Milana uses the same one. I really like this HUD, it reduces inventory clutter, and also shows me the full range of colors available. However, in laggy situations, the recoloring process can take up to a minute to complete and you may have to press the color selection more than once for all the prims to change.

Although these two creators are using the same textures, I find their style very different. Asuka’s hairs are very beautiful but a little on the small side and Sharifa’s hairs are larger and chunkier.


I’m definitely very excited to see what else Milana releases, cos I just love their hair texture (colors) choices. Strawberry Pink hair <3!

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  1. Marcillia Bumblefoot

    Amazing post! I went and bought one right away ^^, and btw.. I think your pictures are better than the ones at the store 😛

  2. sherry

    Adorable styles, despite some awkward ones that don’t flatter your head shape i guess. Definitely loving the color palette as well.

  3. kuriimu

    how did you make it pink 😮

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