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Mon Tissu

Mon Tissu

I’ve been blogging lots of events recently, so I thought I would take a break from those for a bit and show you guys some adorable new pieces from Mon Tissu.

Mon Tissu

Check out this Crossroads Maxi Dress from Mon Tissu. It comes with a flexi skirt, and a sculpted skirt option. I’m normally not a fan of one big sculpted skirt prim, so I’m really glad they’ve added the flexi option too.

The sculpted skirt is so interesting, and you wear it without shoes! The instructions that came with the dress said to wear the alpha layer to remove most of the legs, and also wear it without shoes (cos you won’t have legs) and um, floating shoes is just weird.

What do you think of this??

I find the no shoes thing kind of odd, but its a pretty clever ‘fix’. This sculpted skirt probably wouldn’t be the ideal choice to wear in public though, cos if you’re not rezzing properly, people will just see a floating torso (see the 3rd pic).

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What I’m Wearing:

Milana – Lynn (Roots)
Mon Tissu – Crossroads Maxi Dress (In Bloom)
Mon Tissu – French Pouf (Pink)
Mon Tissu – Seneca Threaded Leather Belt (Worn)
Mon Tissu – Porter Jean Jacket (Used)

G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” Pink

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  1. Hito

    Wow~ Ill have to check this out! Makes me wonder how it will look when I move- will i look like a ghost just floating around!? hahaha

  2. Vianne

    Yeah… Never wearing the no shoes option.
    This is one of the classic examples of items I consider buying but realise that, except for posing in, the outfit won’t work in ‘practice’.
    Love the dress, the sort of thing I would wear in RL, but… yeah not happening.

  3. ebediyet

    I think it’s genius, to be honest. There are so many very beautiful sculpted clothing that my AO puts my legs through, it’s a great alternative to that problem. It may need a little more polishing, but I really don’t think it’s a bad idea. The no shoes thing; well, it just means the dress is covering your feet, unless your AO has you picking up your skirt to expose your feet while you walk, it should be fine, your character will still appear to be walking.

    I’ll have to buy it and see, but I think it’s a good idea.

  4. Skye

    I personally like the no shoes option just because I’ve seen dresses in RL that cover your shoes. I think it looks better without the shoes though. Kind of makes the outfit with the shoes look like high waters. Haha that means it looks like the outfit shrunk but your wearing it anyways. Looks ok with the shoes, but I’d still opt with the longer version.

    Btw, is the option for that big err…flower?… optional? Just curious.

  5. sorcha Irelund

    OoooomiiiiGoOdness! GoGo. This is totally scrumptious. A) You look slammin and B) This post is awesome! Thanks for the headsup on the skirt 🙂 Do you think the flexi option sits well in public? Is their a pants layer underneath?

    Mucho Love from a Maxi Goddess.


  6. Mairead Fitzgerald

    Very pretty… for posing only in the sculpted version. Love the look of it alas, just like my hair buys… “if it ain’t got that swing, it don’t mean a thing….. (insert instrumental here)”. This skirt is a “waddler” for sure. I have to pass. As for alpha layers, they rock. Love them, use them if i can, make them all the time to cover up design flaws that have kept some wardrobe items languishing away in inventory. Now POOF.. fixed. However, that said, losing half my body is too Halloween-ish for my tastes.

  7. Cara

    It’s a good idea but it’s been done last year by a couple ultra talented Japanese designers. They also had a version where the alpha stopped enough above the shoes that it still looked right. You know, no legs clipping through when walking but you could see the shoes.

  8. anahata love

    i think it’s a great idea, i have so many dresses that bother me when my very active AO decides to put my legs thru the skirt. i can see me now lifting swirling and moving side to side with no leg. and i know walking will still look the same, we wont be floating. our legs are invisible i guess that means they still ‘exist’ and we still walk on them properly hehe.

  9. Lisanna Lauria

    I wear my (beloved!) maxi dress with the Provence boots, and make sure I’m wearing an AO that doesn’t move too much. Of course when I walk, you can clearly see that my knees are missing but oh well… I prefer that than no shoes at all.

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