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my new apartment

my apt

SL was not being very nice to me today, I didn’t know that it put a line through all my pictures until I started cropping them! šŸ™

I’ve been slacking off on fashion blogging a bit cos I bought a new skybox apartment! I’m really not a skybox dweller, but I really adore Lya Chau’s SweetBox apartment. I also have the Apartment 1.0, which is a more Japanese style apartment. If you’re looking for something fantastic, check out her shop on Marketplace. I stumbled upon this brand on Marketplace, I don’t think there is an in-world presence.

Anyways, welcome to my place! Check it out…

my apt

This skybox has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, and hallway. It was easy to decorate, I re-used some stuff I had in my inventory already (from past homes) and also purchased a couple of new things.

my apt

All the furniture and decors are from LISP Bazaar, MudHoney, Nordari, North West, artilleri, and a couple of artwork pieces from Mijn Boa (she’s no longer in SL). I’m almost out of prims, so this is it for now! I’ll probably personalize it a bit more and try to squeeze more stuff in LOL.

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  1. Electre

    Your appartment is really faboulus! I would like to have your skills in deco; it make me dream to have my place in sl too, because i’ve always been an homeless person in sl šŸ™‚
    Fav for your apartment!

    ps: if a day i decide to buy a skybox, would you agree to be my home stylist? :DDD

  2. Marianne Little

    Your furniture is so much better than in the ad, you really nailed the style here!

  3. Ana Kornberg

    Gogo, you are the ONE, I just love to see your houses!! I only wish that you could have a home decor section at heheheh

    On the other day I got a very small skybox, but is gorgeous: a group gift from NOTsoBAD (only 1 room and a balcony) and I still don’t know how to decor it heheh I really nned to keep you under surveillence heheh

    (help: need ideas!! lol)

  4. Kaya

    That look awesome. I love knick knacking. What is your prim limit? lol

  5. Molly Ringwald's Probation Officer

    The knit skirt…whose is it? You look KILLER with tats by the way…

    • Elodie D

      That skirt is from the ever-excellent League.
      Had mine a while now ^^

  6. Lisanna Lauria

    Well now I’m tempted to redecorate my whole place. :/

  7. Anddy Abbot

    Love your home! Make me miss mine :'(
    Oh and could I know where is your hairstyle from? Truth?

  8. Nuno McCullough

    Hi Gogo, I’ve been following your home decors for ages and I simply love them, but I would like to ask you something… can you (please please please lol) show us a less girly home? I would like to change my home and I would like to use some of your awesome ideas! šŸ˜‰


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