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Oh so Bright


It’s been storming a lot where I live, so I’ve decided to be extra cheerful in SL. I love reading looking at Japanese fashion magazines cos they’re so colorful. I’ve decided to make a look that’s somewhat similar to what you’d find in a JP fashion mag! I’ve noticed that a lot of the models have Caramel Honey Gold hair color, so I’m giving it a try in SL.

A couple of you guys said you liked the hair color change (from my usual ultra light Blonde), so I’ll try it out for awhile.

oh so piercing

kOwP Piercings –  Closer | Paranoid | Seclusion

Thanks to Marketplace, I have found a way to spend money even when I’m  not logged in! I bought these three adorable piercings, even though I don’t normally wear them in SL. I didn’t have any free attachment points before but now that we have multiple attachments, I may start wearing some more frequently. I still don’t think I could pull it off convincingly cos Gogo has more of a casual girl-next-door style.

oh so bright

I love this Green Laine Cardigan from Naith Smit Design. It’s so easy to wear, and pairs perfectly with the Pink Bonnie Top, also from NSD.

What I’m Wearing:

kOwP Piercings – Closer | Paranoid | Seclusion
Love Soul – Tote Bag *Logo* Pink
LeLutka – Biel hair (Sookie)
LeLutka – Gem/Golden/Makeup4/L Brows
Mozz – Aegyo – Teeth – Light skintones (love this!)
Mon Tissu – Denim 1929 Cigarette – Faded
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” Black
NSD – Bonnie Top (Pink)
NSD – Laine Cardigan (Green)

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  1. Lisanna Lauria

    It’s been 2 years I’m a redhead and the light blonde pack from LeLutka is about to make me change my mind about it. It’s gorgeous! I’m madly in love with Marilyn and Powder, Sookie is my 3rd fav from the pack. I got the dark redhead pack (in Rain) a few days ago but I was thinking going back to get the light blonde pack and I think you just convinced me.

    It fits you VERY well Gogo! <3

  2. Clementine

    I love how much green you wear. It’s my favorite color and it’s nice to be able to come here and so often see you wearing a beautiful shade of it. I have snagged quite a few green items afters seeing them on your blog!

  3. Skye

    Haha I don’t think ALL those facial piercings suit you so well. Maybe toning it down a little bit would work for you better. You’d be more of a cute piercing here or there than a big ol’ pile of em. Maybe you could do a “bad girl” Gogo. With piercings and tattoo’s. *shurgs* I like kowp myself and will wear them a lot but I’m more tattooish.

  4. Browser

    I think you’d have been forgiven for opting for Powder with LeLutka’s new hair colours, the natural regrowth effect really takes away from that stark platinum look. 🙂

  5. Kirsten Corleone

    Love the hair color!! (course I might be biased since it is basically what I wear..), but I honestly think it looks gorgeous on you!! What I really love about it is the change up, nice to do. I wear black when I want a change up too! =) Love, K
    (PS. Can you please add my fashion blog to your blogroll? =) Thank you!

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