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Oh so princessy


Elikatira – About | Just | Glory (TDR Blue Exclusive)

Elikatira releases three new adorable hairstyles, two at the main store and one for TDR Blue! I love these hairstyles, so lovely and casual.

Fishy Strawberry

Check out this new Little Suede Dress from Fishy Strawberry! I think the texture is so realistic and fantastic. I’m normally not a fan of “nipples” drawn onto clothing items, but I really like the effect on this dress, it’s very subtle and oh-so-sexy! I’m also wearing the Echo headpiece (white crystals) from LaGyo for an extra princess-y look.


I’ve been wearing the new Edith shoes from Nardcotix for a week now, and I just love the color choices! I’m only showing less than of of the colors available cos they’re so many to choose from. The HUD is scripted to change size, skin tone, nail polish colors, and more.

The sculpted foot on this is lovely, and the HUD is very easy to use. I know a lot of people struggle with skin tone matching, so grab a demo first and be patient 🙂

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  1. Sally

    I really like the Little Suede Dress but the “nipples” really ruined it for me. What’s up with the nipples? I didn’t even realize those were ought to be nipples until I read your text about it…
    Are nipples really that “down” on the breast and that close to each other? Sure, people are different, but I haven’t seen that.. In any case, it looks odd on this dress..

    Love the headpiece, will have to get one myself 🙂

  2. Agneskate Martinek

    Sally i agree with you. This nipples are horrible. I looked closer on photo and i realy disappointed. 🙁

  3. Angelique

    Hi GoGo,
    What exactly is TDR Blue?


  4. Xaqueline

    hmmm…i don’t think they’re nipples. on similar “shift” dresses in RL you have the two front seams to give the dress more shape at the torso, right? i think they may be where the front seam for the dress starts. i looked closely at the picture and i see the end of the seam faintly. my humble opinion tho ^^ looks amazing, why don’t i have this, gotta go buy it, hasta luego <3

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