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Exile - Cherry Baby

Exile – Cherry Baby

I could just eat this hair up!!! Exile made a Cherry Baby hairstyle that has decorative cherries all over it! Yumyumyummm! The cherries are scripted to turn on/off, so you can wear this “plain” but WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO? <3 Cherries!

I’m pretty excited about PURE JUICE (coming March 5th), and not only cos it’s hosted at JuicyBomb sim, but also cos there are tons of theme-y goodness.

Head Mistress
Head Mistress – Dream a Dream | Head Mistress – Starbuck

Have you ever been to Head Mistress? This lil hair store has actually been around for three years, but not too many people know about it. Head Mistress has a small but growing collection, and whenever I can poke Kimmie Mosten into doing events, she releases new stuff for Hair Fair and Juicy events.

All Head Mistress hair fatpacks are just $150L, so I totally recommend picking these two styles up at PURE JUICE if you like having a bunch of hair colors to play with.

I hate being a tease, so please bear with me for a lil while! PURE JUICE opens in 4 days!

Tiny Bird

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Gem/GOLDEN-Base/D Brows
cheLLe – (lipstain) Moscato Kisses (A)
Tiny Bird – Skinny Love (Marine)
G-Field – Trinity Pearl Necklace & Earrings
Pink Fuel – Cherries (color change)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve”

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  1. JeanGenie

    sigh still no cherries at exile..not ripe yet? lol

  2. sherry

    Btw, for the hairs please provide some clues as to the prim style (flexible just right or crazy or super rigid like maitreya styles) so we know if we want to stop by the shop or not gogo.

    • Tori

      Depends on the style, some are just the right about of flexi/sculpt..others a little too stiff for me but I’ve never seen a style that is too flexi from exile. Demo’s are free so its worth a tp to check it out. They have some super nice hair just varies on style to style (like truth, I don’t love every single truth hair that comes out, some are too helmety or just not me) And the prices aren’t too bad, 250L a color pack and 1k a fatpack.

  3. JeanGenie

    for me, is never too flexy….still no cherries at Exile…

  4. isabella seibert

    wondering where the pure juice event is …every time i take the link …security kicks me ….opens today but i dont see any advertising or anything about it 🙁 what am i missing lmao

  5. JeanGenie

    I went there but got indications of the where the shops are and after two hours I still have to find Exile’s hair…:(

  6. JeanGenie

    found it at last thanks to a blog’s LM…but everyone is there so i crashed lol

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