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Starlight skins for Second Life 2.0 Viewer

starlight skin for SL

Do you dislike the default Gray SL 2.0 viewer colors? I’ve always thought it was too dark, but I didn’t want to use a Third Party Viewer to have different skins.

My friend Melanie showed me these Starlight Skins awhile ago, and finally I tried it today to get the awesome Silver Pink skins and it’s so awesome!! I looooove my SL viewer now.

I’m using Second Life Viewer 2.5.2 ( & add-on StarLight 2.5.3 skins.

Follow the instructions on this website to install it, it’s super easy.

The Starlight skin is not just pretty, it also adds some useful changes to the default viewer. My favorite is the new “Pops up sky editor window” button and also draw distance slider.

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  1. Jupiter Firelyte

    I’ve been using Starlight for months and I love it. It greatly improves the functionality of v2.

  2. trina barcelos

    i keep looking for the skin file and i dont see it anywhere i only see uninstall help and just the secondlife v2 icon can anyone help would like to get that pretty skin 😉

  3. Aigloune Hastings

    Thanks for sharing that!
    Now I use Original Orange and love it

  4. XXX

    why do you censor your lindens gogo? 😛 grats for being rich lucky duck haha

  5. Jolene

    omg. thanks for showing this! im in love with the pink!

  6. Ampersand

    omg *runs to download*

  7. Neko

    Just downloaded and installed this to my SL and I LOVE it! Thanks for posting about this! ^___^

  8. Vianne

    Oh thank-goodness!
    I’m so tired of the issues of secondary viewers, but really found the greyness of 2.0 dreary and depressing.
    I’m so using the nostalgia skin!

  9. Danielle Mannequin

    Gogo, I am so jealous of your pink Viewer. And as I see in the comments so are many others. So I tried downloaded the starlight skins, but oh my goodness! I am no computer expert of any sort trust me. But I seriously want this LOL! Wonder if anyone could give me any insight on this. I just feel so slow when it comes to computers it is a tad embarassing. BLAH! well hope to hear back from you dear.
    P.S. What is a sub directory folder? (someone should just take this computer from me now :p)
    -Danielle <3

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