Tuli - Zoe

I had a feeling that many people would be blogging this Tuli Zoe skin (from Skin Fair) so I waited awhile to do my own post. I think that overall, this is a very nice skin with plenty of options to mix-and-match your own look.

I wish the Pale tone was more pale for Blondes, but if you wanted to do a beachy Blonde look, Zoe does have nice highlights and shine on the face that works well together.

Tuli - Zoe

Top Row: Blonde | Light Brown
Bottom Row: On Skin (Brown) | Black

I love the range of colors offered for the brows tattoos, but I didn’t like how they looked once the colors were darker than Light Brown. The Brown/Black brows looks unnatural, like it was drawn on with an eyeliner pencil. I guess they look more “harsh” than the Blonde and Bleach brows (my favorites).

Tuli - Zoe

The lipsticks options are superb, they’re available in 12 natural colors and has a nice subtle glossy look to them. These lipstick tattoos will only work with Tuli’s skins, cos they have some “skin” texture around the lips. If you find a skin tone from another brand that is a close match, it might work — but the lipstick tattoo is not cropped closely all around.

Overall this skin is pretty cute. I realize that not everyone is quite as picky as I am, so give Zoe a try, you may like it 🙂

Check out Tuli at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair!

Quick reminder: Skin Fair ends on March 6th! I may have time to do another skin post, but if not, you have to gooooooooooooooo.

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