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LeLutka hair

This new Rykiel hair from LeLutka is one of five amazing new hair releases from LeLutka. I’ll have to show you guys the other four styles later, cos right now I’m totally obsessed with this hair and all its amazing big crimpynessss….

LeLutka hair

DCNY has just released this Stretch Crochet Dress in a bunch of colors. I like that it shows some skin, but covers all the essential parts šŸ˜€

I also picked up this Pray for Japan Wrist Band (in Blue) from a vendor right at LeLutka’s landing point. There are clothes & accessories in this vendor with the Pray for Japan slogan and it’s all no copy, andĀ transferable. Buy some for yourself or gift for friends!!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Rykiel (Marilyn)
LeLutka – Gem/Golden-Base/LBrows
DCNY – Stretch Crochet Dress (White)
Pray for Japan – Wrist Band (Blue)

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  1. I fell in love with it too! Only, with my red hair, I look a bit like Carrot Top. :/

  2. Gogo, donĀ“t want to adopt kid,:DD? in sl

    btw This hair are isnpirated by RIhannaĀ“s hair AMAZING JOB

  3. I agree. I LOVE this hair. I rarely buy fatpacks in hair, but I couldn’t resist with this one. I love all the colors. My first hair from LeLutka but I think I’ll definitely get more in the future. The color options are gorgeous.

  4. This is too…uncoordinated for me. I am a fan of big hair, such as hair from Mirari Style, but this is too busy I think. Not a fan of have it crimped with the big dreadlock looking things haha. I love the other styles that came out with this oen though hehe. They totally need to make more hair, big fan of LetLuka :)…they seem more…young for faces.

  5. Are you going to feature anything else other than bulk Lelutka or Exile hair, dear Gogo?

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