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Avatar Physics!


The latest Second Life Development Viewer has avatar physics enabled!! Hamlet blogged about it on NWN, and there’s even a video tutorial if you guys want to check it out.

I had so much fun playing with the new avatar physics, I even made a lil’ video and threw it on YouTube. I haven’t done that in almost two years, so my video didn’t turn out quite as nice as I had hoped, but I hope you guys can see clearly how natural and amazing and FUN this will be for SL residents. Even if you don’t want extreme bounce, this new physics layer have sliders for you to control as much or as little bounce as you want.

If you want a copy of my physics layer, it is available for FREE on Marketplace or at my shop in SL.

You can follow the tutorial on NWN to create your own physics layer, or grab a copy of mine and just wear. Be sure to use the latest SL Dev Viewer, or a compatible Third Party Viewer (TPV).

Second Life’s Knowledge Base also has a step-by-step tutorial on Enhanced Avatar Physics that includes pictures!

UPDATE April 14th, 2011: If you purchased my Juicy Physics package before 9PMSLT today, there is an error in the Breasts Bounce: Max Effect setting. It should *not* be set to 0! For a lil bounce, set it to 25 and for max bounce, set it to 65 or higher.

I just replaced it with an updated package on Marketplace.

Also, Second Life has added Avatar Physics to the latest Second Life Beta Viewer (Second Life 2.6.3 (225685)) too! It is no longer limited to just the Development viewer.

note: For some reason, SL has been resetting the Breast Bounce > Max Effect setting! For a lil bounce, set it to 25 and for max bounce, set it to 65 or higher.

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  1. Yume Cluny

    wow ! I love <3

  2. Layne

    Isn’t this the same as the old emerald “jiggly boobs”?

    • Gogo

      This has a “physics” layer that you wear and adjust with sliders for breasts, belly, and butt. TPVs only had jiggly breasts without slider controls.

      • theshadow99

        Not quite true. Sliders to adjust ‘breast physics’ were there, though they only effected how your viewer saw everyone. They could also animate more than just breasts if they changed the code, they just never did. It was a ‘proof of concept’ thing.

        Btw Phoenix viewer still has the feature and still has the same sliders.

  3. Apple Spice Store

    It’s a video of gogo’s boobies! ><

    Question about the physics layer. Does this mean that because it's a layer, we can place the layer on any part of the body?


  4. Kaelyn Alecto

    This has got to help get more men from all over the world sign up *grins*

  5. enja lou

    Lol,Secondlife official viewer is late on this one,lol i have been bouncy breasts since the last past year and a half hahah and with Sliders 😀

    • Browser

      Enja, the difference with the new soft body physics LL released is that it’s server based, so everyone else using the new official viewer can see your breasts, butt and stomach movement based on your personal settings. The third party viewers offering bouncy breasts beforehand utilised a crude mesh hack that only you could see (per your settings) and anyone else, could in turn set their viewers to view your breast movement to their own specifications.

      • enja lou

        aww thanks :))))))))))))))))) hugs

  6. Gwyneth Oh

    That´s so cool!
    I just can´t get a download for the right viewer. The 2.6.4 has no inventory for me 🙁
    Any links or advice available? That´d be really cool.

  7. AudrinaC

    Crazy question…where are the jeans in the vid from? Love them! lol Everyone else is watching bouncy boobs and im like ohhh cute pants!

    • Gogo

      from Mon Tissu! Lou Lou Denim Pants

  8. Tessy

    It looks great! I think it adds a little more dimension and fluidity of motion to the Avatar than just the “jiggly” bewbs. And thank you for posting the how-to!

  9. Eos

    Lol, tried to download the viewer and install it on my computer, and it crashed immediately upon running the program, and does it without fail. So much for me trying it out. Seems like an awesome concept tho 😛

  10. Millie Gears

    After watching this about 5 times open mouthed, I’ve eventually noticed your hair and how cute that is! Would you mind telling me where it’s from please?

    • Gogo

      hi Millie! The hair is Keiko style, from LeLutka

  11. Millie Gears

    Thank you! Great video also 🙂

  12. Sally

    Not even this will make me go back to the official viewer

  13. Elle Couerblanc

    Me thinks Gogo has a boob fetish LOL.

  14. theshadow99

    I don’t think it wants to work for me… I just rebuilt my desktop and apparently my HD 6970 is to new for SL to understand what it is… So even though I have my sliders in the development version maxed avatar physics stays off… Kirsten’s did this to me as well.

    So I guess I’ll wait on the firestorm viewer to add these things since phoenix viewer never gives me a problem and looks better than 2.X or Kirsten’s since they won’t enable…

  15. Victoria MacFanatic

    sadfaces, just like when I had emerald, this too doesnt work for me. I turned up my graphics and still nothing. I guess my graphics card is too crappy? Idk any troubleshooting advice? I’m technically not suppose to run SL cause I’m guessing my graphics card isn’t up to par (I lag super hard on anything but low settings).

    This stinks, I wanted jiggly bewbs :<

  16. Jennifer Corbeau

    After seeing ur video I now realise mine bounce a little too much. I enabled butt jiggle too which I notice you didn’t show at all in ur video. I’m gonna disable butt bounce-jiggle and just keep the breast movement. Anyhow prim clothing attatchments look odd bouncing independently from the rest of ur clothing. Ty for the video.

    • Gogo

      Hi Jennifer! I don’t think my bootay in SL is quite that big, so “jiggle” option may not show! I’ll definitely give it a try though!

  17. Shiori Carter

    wowie 🙂 I just tried it works great, but one issue,
    the ones you have on the marketplace there set to 0 for bounce so they have to be edited to make to work,

    • Gogo

      hi Shiori! I have two layers, one is “extreme” with lots of bounce, and one is very subtle, but you’re totally free to mod them to your liking 🙂

  18. Lisanna

    I must do something wrong cuz I downloaded the viewer and got Gogo’s physic layers as a start… and my boobs refuse to bounce. Oh well.

  19. Cara

    This is degrading a bit to females. guys just want to see this stuff. I mean I have been doing martial arts for 15 years and wearing the proper clothes, even when wearing my normal clothing, I don’t bounce around. Seems like a guy is behind this =(

    • LenaH

      thats cause u prob have size A titties i have size C and mine bounce if i were a tshirt bra or a push up, they even bounce a lil in my sports bra, ur right a guy prob created this but it isnt as degrading as u seem to think it is

      • Anahata

        i think it’s sexy and im a straight chick.

  20. LenaH

    Hey GoGo,
    What walking AO are using in this vid, u look like a runway model i love it!!!

  21. Anahata

    I just spent two minutes staring at boobs bounce.

    This will probably be the highlight of my day…


  22. Angelo Septimus

    Omg Jiggy Boobs !!!

  23. Midori

    where did you get that second walk (the one with the swinging arms)? I have been looking for a good walk like that to replace mine for ages.

    • Gogo

      Hi Midori! Check out a shop called Kuso by daiz Papp! All the walks/poses/ao stands are 10L.

  24. Karma Avedon

    Thank you so much for posting this and creating your physics layer and sharing it. I have been using the new body physics can really go over the top if you are not careful with the settings. Just like the other body adjustments, a little goes a long way.
    BTW, both the New SL beta viewer AND the new Kirstin’s test viewer are featuring body physics.

  25. ChristineMC20 Bellic

    Heard E.T. this morning on my way to work and thought of Gogo’s bouncy boobs. I knew this song was familiar!

  26. Sienna Charman

    LOL now I have to ask about that beautiful blue bra… who makes it? Loving boobie bounce… grins.

    • Gogo

      BOOM 🙂

      • Sienna Charman

        Thanks was thinking so, just didnt recognize that color or the lace with it. Love it.

  27. Esme Oxidor

    What is the song playing in this video? I must know.

  28. Esme Oxidor

    Aaaand nevermind….. >.> -cough-

  29. Motoko Henusaki

    The new physics layer works perfectly for me, though I am still working out what the various configurable options do. It is nice to have some of the annoying rigidity removed from my avatar.

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