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Baby Doll

Baby Doll

Oh Baby, baby! I was so excited when I found out that Truth created the BabyDoll hairstyle (inspired by the new SuckerPuch movie). I asked my friend Morphine Janick of Sweetest Goodbye to create a Baby Doll inspired outfit two or three weeks ago, and she finally did it!!! YAY, YAY!! If anyone can create an awesome inspired costume, Morphine can!! I totally trust her style and instincts, and even though this outfit lacks a belt, it still works perfectly for re-creating this look.

Baby Doll

I couldn’t find a pair of thigh-high boots with the right design or texture for this particular look, so I settled on a nice pair of WWI Army Girl Garters and Kookie Enya Power Boots.

Re-creating an inspired look is so fun!! And I think that it’s wonderful when an item has been created specifically for that look, but it is also fun to search the grid for things that will substitute well too.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – BabyDoll (Swedish) available @ Project FUR Japan
Laqroki – Linnea (Fair) Light Brows – 01
Sweetest Goodbye – Baby Doll (Dark Denim)
WWI – Army Girl Garters (Jet Black v2)
Kookie – Enya Power Boots (Black Wash)
Breach – 92F
Musashi – Black Rose Katana v4.2

& POSEUR – BabyCakes 1 Pose

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  1. Whisper Mizin

    WOOW O_O she really did do a spot on job with that outfit :O!!! awesome posto/

  2. Vaki


    That is really, really impressive. I mean, I expected it’d be done in SL eventually, but to see it done so accurately…whoa. Really nice.

  3. bodzette

    Just loving the look, especially the boots and the hair.

    LAQ also has a hairstyle a *little* like the suckerpunch protagonista called “snowflake”.

  4. Lisanna

    I am SO getting this outfit! Because none of my friends could make me one 😉 I did a Babydoll look from an outfit I got at Bare Rose.

    … cia, running at Sweetest Goodbye!

  5. Poppy

    This outfit is so cute, Has anyone found a belt?

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