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Beachy Blue


OMGyouguys!! The Royal Wedding was so amazing; I love technology & live tv. Anyways, this post isn’t about the Royal Wedding!

Check out this new Off Shoulder Gauze Tunic from AOHARU. Machang is so talented with sculpts, this tunic fits me perfectly. <3

I am happy to report that I’ve been cleaning my inventory lots and it is now 78K! My next goal is 70K, and eventually, 50K. Not sure what else I can delete though, as I’ve been pretty ruthless so far. Does anyone still wear Armidi hair? I’ve deleted my entire folder, and only went down about 500+ items. I’ve always thought it’d go down a lot more!

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Linnea (Fair) Light Brows – 01
Milana – Dunne
AOHARU – OffShoulderGauzeTunic (Flower/Red)
AOHARU – AnkleLaceUpBoots (White)

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  1. Sedge Weyland

    Did you already take out all your textures and notecards? Not just the ones in their respective folders, but in all the various clothing folders, as well?

    I got rid of a ton of things that way.

  2. Zoechka

    I enjoyed it too. BUT I wish someone had ever told Victoria Beckham that a smile is the sexiest accessory. She looked as if she was at a funeral

  3. Oriana Kuhr

    I would suggest boxing extras up. like for instance, you get a pack of Truth hair, but there are only 2 colors in it that you wear. Box the entire hair pack up, so you have backup, then delete all of the colors in your inventory that you don’t wear. Then, as i am sure your Truth folder is about the size of mine, if not larger, take those backup boxes, and put them all into one big box called “Truth Hair” or something like that. Bam! Instant backup and inventory saver! I do that (or try to) with all hair, skins, clothing and shoes. It really helps.

    • Lisanna

      You my dear, is a genius.

  4. Alura Baily

    If I’m unsure about deleting something, (often) I tend to select it and drop it into a rezzed out prim box with the date. That helped me bring down my inv by so so much and the comfort of knowing I still have it was great.

  5. Edi

    Hey Gogo
    I’ve been cleaning out my inventory recently and what I’ve been doing is going into each folder and deleting landmarks and notecards unless I need them. It’s hard, annoying work but saves having to delete some clothes etc.

  6. dawnde lane


    i am amazed how good machang is with her customer service, ! i love her quick response and how polite and talented she is <3

    ohh and if you do buy her awesome shoes ppl…. please pick up your boxes!

  7. ebediyet Matthews

    I was sporting my Armidi hair just this week, I do think people still wear it, but not very many. The quality still seems comparable to the other styles out on the market, however, it would be great if they would start releasing again. I think they said they were about 6 months ago, but never did.

  8. Mairead Fitzgerald

    I haven’t worn my singular Armidi style in eons. Should scrap it but.. (sigh) I do not have the big delete resolve necessary to can hair.

    I did start sorting my “Day Dresses” folder, infrequently worn stuff since I perfer to wear pants/jeans 99% of the time)… got to the M’s so far after 2 days and shed almost 5000 from that directory alone.

    I’ve been eyeing my Hair Accessories folder.. I know I have only worn the feathers that are in there and it’s fairly large, should give that a go when I finish Day Dresses.

    And in some far off distant future I will unbox and weed through the past 4 years worth of items .. to the tune of maybe close to 500K in goodies. Modeling is hard on your inventory! eep.

  9. alivea landar

    Beautiful look and photo!!! :))

  10. Riya Brookstone

    Was curious where the hair in this particular post was from, can someone tell me?

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