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I’m loving this new Jalston Jumpsuit in White from Hucci. The texture is so shiny (but still classy!) and it goes perfectly with the new Ariadne II Heels from SLink. The SiSSi Pearls necklace & pose is from Glitterati; the pack includes 5 poses and pearl jewelry attachment. Since I’m experimenting with Windlight settings this week, I thought I would try and use more pose props too.

Truth hair

Truth – Denise | Pia

Truth released two new hairstyles and they’re so lovely and romantic. I love long hairstyles, but I think Truth’s model has pretty small boobs, so a lot of the longer styles tend to sink into my chest (sz 60). I’m wearing the hair upper & lower portion here, and it helps a bit with the boobs issue, but I wish that more creators would consider perhaps, two different versions, one for “small” boobs and one for the rest of us!!


What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Linnea (Fair) Light Brows – 01
Truth – Denise (Swedish)
Hucci – Jalston Jumpsuit (White)
SLink – Ariadne II Heels (White)

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  1. Vianne


  2. Aline

    Hi, Gogo ! I’ve linked your blog to my blog list few days ago after i saw about the ‘trade links’ on your side bar and sent you an e-mail, not a comment. Now here is the comment ! Can you link me back, pls? 😀

    Have a nice day ! :)))

  3. asia romano

    I have to agree with you about the Truth hair..stick into my chest. great pictures and I love the jumpsuit very 70’s looking.

  4. Aline

    Thanks, Gogo ! :)))

  5. SweetDeb Kips

    You’re pictures are so beautiful!

  6. Chalice Carling

    Your pics never cease to make me smile knowing how amazing SL avatars can look when you have style, talent and time. Gorgeous look Gogo.

  7. Kissy Riptide

    I heart your blog so much, it’s like my very own personal SL Magazine! Thank you Ms Gogo!

  8. Victoria MacFanatic

    I love your windlight, can you tell us the name or maybe do a tut or have numbers for it?

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