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Oh so frilly

oh so frilly

I suck at hunting for things, so I gave up after finding 6 items from the Seasons Hunt. One of the things I found, was this adorable pair of Swank Glasses from DECO. It was my very first time at DECO and the store had lots of Chandeliers (light sources) that gave me a massive headache. DECO is just one of many stores in SL that is plagued with this problem — I wonder if the owner/builder doesn’t have local lights checked? For those of us that have it “on” by default, it’s a nightmare and impossible to see your vendors, let alone hunt for tiny objects.

oh so frilly

After yesterday’s all Black look, I felt like I needed a little Pink back in my SLife. Today’s outfit is super girly and very frilly. I’m wearing the Frilled Vest from Malt, Aragon Skirt from Fishy Strawberry, and this super kawaii bunny bag from TokiD (Season’s Hunt gift).

What I’m Wearing:

Maitreya – Natalie (Almond)
DECO – Swank Glasses (Coconut)
MALT – Frilled Vest (Snowy)
Fishy Strawberry – Aragon Skirt (Pink)
Mon Tissu – Monsegur Pumps (White)
TokiD – bunny bag

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  1. sherry

    Gogo… sixth time you use Oh so in a title??

    STOP! lol

    • Gogo

      oops, im so ashamed of myself, LOL!! I will be more original with the titles next time šŸ™‚

  2. Frankie

    What is that skin and shape?

  3. Aeva Nikolaidis

    I have got to ask….who’s lashes are you wearing?

    • Gogo

      I go back and forth between FTL and TheAbyss (not for sale individually, part of an avatar package)

  4. Aula

    That hair is making me seriously happy. Plus I really like that color on you.

  5. Toya

    I barely log into SL because it’s difficult for me to figure everything out but reading your blog really makes me want to learn. I love the fashion world in SL and I would love to be a successful SL fashion blogger like you one day!

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