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Pile-up fun

whooo! magazines!

MAGAZINE covers, whee!

After years of seeing all the cool Pile-Up pictures on Flickr and  being too shy to submit my own, I finally did it! The result was awesome, thank you so much to everyone who did one.

Pile up

This is the Pile-Up picture that I submitted, since it’s my first time I wasn’t sure if I should do it on a White background or Green screen. Some people said they preferred White, others preferred Green, but apparently with my Blonde hair color, Green screen might have been a better choice? Maybe next time!

It’s not too late to Pile me up, if you still want to — click this link download the original file size.

Here are links to three of the Pile-Up Groups on Flickr that I joined:

SL Picture•Pile•Ups
♥ Pile ups ♥

If you want to submit your own, read the rules for each group and get started. It’s FUN!!

Credits: Images used for the magazine covers are pile-ups that other people have done with my picture. I used a website called MagMyPic to create the covers.

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