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For a long time, I haven’t been able to take more than a few photos without crashing once my inventory has fully loaded. My inventory count has also not been less than 50,000 items for a long time, perhaps 2-3 years. As you guys know, I have been reducing my inventory count drastically, and it’s not cos I mind having a large invy (I’m very organized) but I want to fix this annoying crashing when taking snapshots issue once and for all!!

I’ve noticed that ever since my inventory went from 130K -> 90K -> less than 75K, I can take photos again, without having to clear cache every single time I want to take pictures!

Can you take just a few seconds to answer my poll, I want to see if 1) what viewer are you guys using? and 2) can you take snapshots with a large inventory?

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  1. Kirsten Corleone

    My inv. is about 70K. I put yes I can take pictures because I am going to assume that the newest viewer with physics will get the kinks ironed out. I could before this Tuesday when I got the latest update. Since I updated to the viewer with physics, I can’t do anything but crash. I had the same basic number of items prior to the new bouncy boob viewer and could take pictures with shadows, so I am going to assume its not my inventory- but bugs in the new update.

  2. Anyalia Pearl

    I usually just take pictures in Imprudence, with the “high resolution” option checked. The only time I use the SL viewer is if I’m feeling the urge to play around with shadows. When I use shadows on the SL viewer, it makes everything a bit slower for me, but I’ve never crashed and my inventory is a little more than 50K. However… lol it might have something to do with my beast computer that I probably overpaid for just to make SL/Photoshop easier.

  3. Ren Grau

    It might have something to do with system specs IE. video card, processor and virtual memory. While reducing your inventory will improve performance, so will increasing memory or upgrading your video card.

    • Gogo

      I agree! Many factors contribute to crashing/lag, but I think my specs are decent, it should let me take pictures without having to clear cache constantly!

  4. Lashy

    This is prolly one of the best polls you created. It’s gonna be very informative.

  5. Arianna Earst

    Hi! I recently built a new computer for myself since my last one was four years old and struggling. I can now run two SL viewers at maxed out graphics including 16x anti aliasing. I can run shadows really well except when I go to take a picture. That is when I crash really bad. I know this has everything to do with my 90k inventory because when I go on my alt account with only 2k, I can take pictures like no tomorrow at very high resolution. I know the high count on my inventory is “only” reason I crash. It’s something I am working on reducing every single day.

    • Gogo

      Thank you for confirming this Arianna! I’ve always had suspicions that it was my large inventory too, cos my alt with no inventory can take snapshots without crashing.

  6. Lil

    But can anyone imagine a reason why the inventory size should have any influence on your ability to take pics? What weird coding is that?

    PS: Shameless plug for Dolphin Viewer, available in both 1.x and 2.x flavour, comes with media filter, “tight pants” bugfix and many other goodies… πŸ˜‰

  7. Jupiter Firelyte

    I use the official viewer 2 with StarLight. My Inventory is 15k. As I travel through SL, I keep my graphics at Ultra, but when I snap (large, high-resolution) photos, I also turn on anti-aliesing and sometimes shadows. I also adjust my Draw Distance. Sometimes I want it high to see more of a beautiful sim at once, but I may turn it way down to shop in store where I don’t need to render so much. I don’t crash much and my performance is better with v2 than any other viewer I’ve tried (Emerald, Phoenix, Firestorm, Imprudence, Kirstens). I had a much larger Inventory and reduced it 15k and I find performance improved with that as well.

  8. Natali

    I can take *plain* snapshots with official viewer2 (actually I`m on beta cause the official release wouldn`t even download for me) but I can not, lately, take pics with shadows etc etc enabled. So I`m guessing for some one that takes the high quality pics like you do, that little part of the poll isn`t going to tell you what you want to know. Or are you having trouble taking *any* snapshots at all? *My inventory is just under 50,000.

  9. Anahata

    hey just for curiosity, i noticed that i am one of (five!) people who use emergence, it’s not my ‘favorite’ viewer but i really like the way messages are presented in one window with the tabs of each IM or groupchat on the left side in a vertical row instead of going on and on across the bottom. does anyone know if phoenix or another viewer has an option to do this? its the only thing keeping me on this viewer.

    • Kashi

      Phoenix has that option, I use it myself. I don’t like them running all along the bottom.

      In Phoenix go to Preferences then to the Phoenix tab at the bottom, on page 1 there will be a tab named IM click that, then on the right hand side near the middle there is a box to tick for Vertical IM tabs. Check the box then relog. There ya go.
      Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

      • Anahata

        wow thanks kashi! you saved me a lot of time trying different viewers and on top of that having to search for this feature on each πŸ˜€

  10. Gabi Fitzgerald

    My inventory is over 130k and I take pics without crashing in Kirstens and SL viewer 2.0. Kirstens is a lot better for pictures though. At least for me. πŸ™‚

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